Chicago Bulls news roundup: Deng talks continue, rookies sign, Rip officially waived

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Luol Deng's contract extension talks continue.

The Chicago Bulls introduced Mike Dunleavy at a press conference Wednesday, but it was far from the only piece of team-related news that broke during the day. The most notable but least substantiated is another report that the Bulls and Luol Deng continue to work on a contract extension.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports Gar Forman met with Deng's representatives to continue to build the framework of a potential deal. You may remember Deng's last contract, signed in 2008, paid the small forward $71 million over six seasons. Deng turned 28 in April and figures to sign for less years and a similar annual salary this time around.

Woj points to deals signed by Andre Iguodala and Josh Smith this season as contracts that will set the parameters for Deng's deal:

The market has begun to be set for Deng's contract in this summer's free agency, with free agents Andre Iguodala and Josh Smith setting the standard for All-Star-caliber small forwards. Iguodala signed a four-year, $48 million deal with Golden State, and Smith signed a four-year, $56 million agreement with Detroit.

Several league executives told Yahoo! Sports they believe Deng's value on the market is somewhere between those two deals.

This would seem to mean Deng is looking for $13 million per season. How do you feel about that, Blog-a-Bull? I'll have more on Deng tomorrow, probably.

-- Tony Snell and Erik Murphy are in the fold:

Am I crazy for expecting a) Snell to get a bit of burn this season and b) for Murphy to stick? We know the Bulls' plan is usually to play Deng or Jimmy Butler with the second unit and rarely get a rest. That will probably happen again next season. Even still, if Snell shows the type of work ethic (and skill) the Bulls like, there would seem to be a spot for him in the second unit as a wing. We will see.

-- Richard Hamilton was officially waived. Nothing we didn't already know. Here's how I feel about it:


Still my favorite .GIF.

-- OK, back to Dunleavy. This was the quote of substance, via K.C. Johnson:

"We talked about their overall philosophy and then we went into me specifically, the things I can bring as far as shooting, ball movement, ball-handling, playmaking on the offensive end," Dunleavy said. "Defensively as a team defender, I'm going to always be in the right spot and be there to help guys whatever philosophies are established.

"Just for peace of mind and happiness, the years and money became less relevant and the situation and culture was most important."

I also enjoyed Marquis Teague tweeting Chief Keef lyrics and movie recs but maybe that's just me.

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