Week 2 of the Blogabull Community Mock Draft! Picks 8-15! (Sign up today!)

Week 2 Draft Order: Okay, here is the draft order for this week. I was trying to match the pick number with the day of the month, but we have fallen behind. If you notice that the person in front of you has gone, give it a few hours but then feel free to draft whenever is convenient. For those of you just joining us, the idea is to make your pick in the comment section and include a detailed argument in favor of your rationale. Please note that there are still plenty of slots open. Be sure to sign up!

8. Detroit Pistons - Mike.Faust.9

And the Pistons select ... LeHigh guard CJ McCollum!



9. Minnesota Timberwolves - Ceasaleo

UCLA wing ... Shabazz Muhammad!



10. Portland Trail Blazers - THEKILLERWHALE

The Trail Blazers select ... Indiana forward Cody Zeller!



11. Philadelphia 76ers - piccolomair

Philadelpha selects ... Triumph Moscow forward Sergey Karasev!



12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Toronto) - soxfan3530

The Thunder select ... Steven Adams!



{Editors Note: I did not agree with this pick until I saw this picture of Adams somehow dwarfing Dwight Howard. By all means, select this gigantic kiwi.}

13. Dallas Mavericks - Rowseyna

The Mavericks pick ... Brazil Center Lucas Noriega!



14. Utah Jazz - Chicago's Son

The Jazz select .... German guard Dennis Schroeder!



15. Milwaukee Bucks - Ceasaleo

The Bucks select ... Miami guard Shane Larkin!



The first week's picks were more or less uncontroversial. Now things are getting weird. There is a lot of potential for bust and strange prejudices about schools and whatnot.

The State of the Draft: Okay gang, we have done picks 1-7. This is a complete list together with an excerpt of the BaB GM's argument in favor of the pick:

Pick #1, Cleveland Cavaliers: Otto Porter, Forward, Georgetown.

GM: Mike.Faust.9

He is my pick for Cleveland with number 1 overall he fills a Huge need at small forward to plug him right away day 1 with Kyrie and Dion those guys get to the hoop with the best of them a guy who can knock down 16-23 foot jumpers with consistency is a key. He is the safest of the top picks.

I know he’s not the sexy pick here but i felt with the guys on the roster. They have plenty of decent young bigs I felt Nerlens wasn’t a good fit. Otto is the right pick he can defend his position very well he reminds me of luol Deng long lanky guy who has great mid range game.

Pick #2, Orlando Magic: Ben McLemore, Wing, Kansas.

GM: Roseyana

He’s super smooth, super athletic, and a natural scorer. Can shoot it from anywhere, including NBA three-point range. Though his ball handling needs a little work, he can still get his shot off of the dribble, it’s just not his go-to. He’s an excellent passer for a SG and he’s really coachable. Quiet, humble demeanor that doesn’t have any off-the-court issues. I could see him being on the other end of some excellent alley-oops from Nelson and/or Bledsoe with his athleticism! Bill Self said McLemore is the most talented player he has ever coached in his career (he also coach Deron Williams at Illinois).

McLemore is already crazy good and, in my opinion, he has more potential than any other player in this draft.

Pick #3, Washington Wizards: Nerlens Noel, Center, Kentucky.

BaB GM: Ceasaleo

I battled between Noel, Bennett, and Oladipo. I finally made the decision on Noel, for 2 basic reasons.
1) I think with Okafor and NeNe already in town, they don’t have to rush him back, and it gives him two very established, and respected big man vets to learn from.
2) He’s the best defensive big in this draft, and the Wizards are trying to change their culture into a more defense oriented team.
When healthy, he can provide that last line of Defense like a Tyson Chandler or Joakim Noah. His offense needs much work, but that can be handled, I’ve never heard anything negative about his work ethic. The place where he will make his money is rebounding and D. I know he’s rail thin for a big, but hopefully right along with rehabbing his knee he’s hitting the weights.
In my GM mind, I’m not expecting him to play until midseason, and I’m secretly hoping for a redshirt year. Especially, if it gives us a shot at a Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins in ‘14. For now, I’ve given John Wall and Bradley Beal a future running mate, who can start the break with a board or block, then finish on the other end.

Pick #4, Charlotte Bobcats: Victor Oladipo, Wing, Charlotte.

BaB GM: BroLaxChill

There’s some concern with Oladipo being 6-4 but when you an elite athlete like him, that mitigates the weakness. He has a high turnover rate but that’s something that would hopefully improve immensely once he’s has more game experience.

Also, I want a guy who is mentally mature enough to deal with playing on a lottery team. Let’s face it, the Bobcats are going to be right back in the lottery next year no matter who I draft. I need a guy who is mentally strong enough to have a "winning" mindset when the Bobcats lose 50 games next year. I don’t have access to personal interviews but based off what I’ve seen, Oladipo seems like he has the best chance to succeed in a terrible situation.

Seeing him and MKG of defense would be a lot of fun to watch.

Pick #5, Phoenix Suns: Alex Len, Center, Maryland.

BaB GM: fsun

Alex Len. The upside to a 7 footer with some solid athleticism = too good to pass up. His defensive game will need work, and he’s definitely a bit of a project, but the Suns were always going to have to rebuild next year and hope on the Wiggins lottery. Unlike Noel, Len has a great frame for a center, and you have to believe he’ll be able to bulk up another 20-25 pounds or so while improving his defensive game.


Stress fractures are a bit frightening, but that’s a risk that I think Phoenix can live with; also, the convalescence time gives Phoenix more time to tank build team chemistry until Len’s ready to be eased in. I don’t see him making an immediate impact, but give him a year or two and he’ll be solid. Dragic running PnR with Len could be really scary in the future.

Pick #6, New Orleans Pelicans: Trey Burke, Guard, Michigan.

BaB GM: THEKILLERWHALE (This is a good time to note that if you sign up, you should be sure to make your pick!)

Burke is a good shooter (44% from the field, 38% from three), great ball-handler, creative passer. He is a little short (about 6 foot) but has a solid frame so he should be able to handle the NBA’s physicality. He is a winner and led his team to the NCAA finals. He is arguably the best playmaker to come out of the draft in two years. I think that he will have a solid NBA career.

His shortcomings are on the defensive end where he is a bit small to handle large guards. Next to Eric Gordon, this may be a problem (although Gordon is built like a tank). I think that he is a good fit for the Pelicans as PG is a position of need. I did not take a chance on Zeller or Bennett because I think that both have a strong likelihood of bust. Burke just seems like too much of a sure thing.

Pick #7, Sacramento Kings: Anthony Bennett, Forward, UNLV.


Pro’s: He is a very natural scorer and can do so in a variety of ways.
Con’s: He is undersized for his position and, on the defensive end, according to the Bullets Forever preview "Bennett might be the single most unaware defensive prospect I’ve ever seen. There is nothing he does well on this end, and those shortcomings are due entirely to his effort."

So, he might actually be the most developed scorer in the draft but, defensively, yeesh. This, coupled with his size, makes him the most compelling boom / bust pick there is this year. Part of me is picking him since Sacramento is such a shit show that, for totally cruel reasons, I like throwing more uncertainty into the mix. This is also a position of need for them, although, given that any player on that roster could be traded tomorrow and I would not be surprised and, furthermore, any player on that roster would immediately become much better in a new organization, it is hard to say what "need" really means. At the very least, he and Boogie could make a pretty fun front-court pairing.

I will be honest though. His lack of defense requires a firm hand from a coach that is in a position of strength. He will not find that in Sacramento so I feel like this will probably be a disaster.

Week 3 and beyond, feel free to sign up:

16. Boston Celtics- soxfan3530
17. Atlanta Hawks
18. Atlanta Hawks (from Houston via Brooklyn)
19. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Los Angeles) Mike.Faust.9
20. Chicago Bulls
21. Utah Jazz (from Golden State via Brooklyn) - Chicago's Sun
22. Brooklyn Nets
23. Indiana Pacers - fsun
24. New York Knicks - Ceasaleo
25. Los Angeles Clippers
26. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis via Houston) - Ceasaleo
27. Denver Nuggets
28. San Antonio Spurs
29. Oklahoma City Thunder - SoxFan3530
30. Phoenix Suns (from Miami via L.A. and Cleveland) - fsun

Alright gang. Mike Faust is up first. Have at it!

Link Dump: Here is a master list of SB Nation draft profiles. It looks pretty sweet.

Here are some of the Bullets Forever previews that should be relevant this week:

ShaMu , Allen Crabbe , Kentavious Caldwell - Pope , Tony Mitchell , Jamaal Franklin , Kelly Olynyk , Tony Snell.

Here are the raw combine results.

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