Lets have even Fun talking Bulls Trades

Since its the offseason the draft is coming up and people have articles of trading Deng, lets talk trade for a guy we would like to get rid of in Carlos Boozer. He is set to make $15.3 mil. And $16.8 mil. The next two years.

Trade A. Carlos Boozer to the bobcats for Ben Gordon + Brendan Haywood only saves us $100k but we get a wing scorer and our back C but Ben’s contract is up after the year. It also helps the bobcats they need a scoring front court player. And we draft a PF or SG (Tony Mitchell or Allen Crabbe 2 guys I think will be available at 20). Which would give us.

Rose/ Hinrich/ Teague

Jimmy/ Ben Gordon/ (Crabbe if we take him)


Taj/ (Tony Mitchell if we take him)/ Malcolm Thomas

Noah/ Brendan Haywood.

Trade B. Boozer + Deng to the hornets for Eric Gordon + Ryan Anderson + Jason Smith (yes it's dumb but hey we're havin fun) it save us $3.5 mil Gordon & Ryan Anderson have 3 years left and Smith has 1. We get a scoring starting SG. A stretch 4 to come off the bench and a back up C. Ruins are 2014 plans but we get an all star in Gordon and a guy who can just drill the 3pt shot. And we prolly draft a wing (crabbe) Gives us

Rose/ Hinrich/ Teague

Gordon/ Crabbe

Jimmy/ vet. Min

Taj/ Anderson/ Thomas

Noah/ Smith

Trade C. Boozer to the 76ers for Spencer Hawes + Jason Richardson both guys have one year left on contracts and it save us almost $3 mil gets us a wing scorer who can shoot and create his own shot and defender ok. Gets us a solid back up C who can knock down a 16-18ft jumper I feel we would definitely have to draft a PF at 20 (Tony Mitchell) gives us room to sign someone as well. Gives us

Rose/ Hinrich/ Teague

Jimmy/ JRich

Deng/ FA

Taj/ Tony Mitchell/ Thomas

Noah/ Hawes

Trade D. Boozer to the Suns for Marcin Gortat + Michael Beasley. Gortat has 1 year left and gives us back up C and Beasley has 2 years left gives us a SF/PF back up who can score and shoot the 3. saves us about $2 mil. We draft a wing at 20 (Crabbe) gives us

Rose/ Hinrich/ Teague

Jimmy/ Crabbe

Deng/ Beasley

Taj/ Beasley/ Thomas

Noah/ Gortat

Trade E. Boozer + the 20th pick to the Kings for Demarcus Cousins + John Salmons (hoping the Kings FO is fed up with Cousins) they both have 1 year left saves us about $3 mil. Cousins can play PF and if he shows us he can play good and not go crazy we could sign him at the end of year bc we have $$ to do so. Salmons gives us wing depth we would still need the Big at 20 gives us

Rose/ Hinrich/ Teague

Jimmy/ Salmons

Deng/ salmons

Cousins/ Taj/ Thomas

Noah/ 20th pick.

Lets be real nobody wants Boozer as much as we would like to get rid of him. The only real trade I could see happening is A Boozer to the Bobcats. But we've all talked trade with Deng lets talk trade with Boozer. It's along offseason might do something to take our mind off that we aren't playing now. Let me know what you think?

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