Playoff Bracket Contest Final / discussion on the state of the league.

Hey gang. The BaB Playoff bracket contest has been completed with dmes, kellenx and prevenge rounding out the top 3. Before posting the complete results, let me just say a few words about the state of the league and the Bulls chances at a championship.

There is no dominant team in the NBA. Seeing the Spurs in the Finals is a nice way of saying that there is no one in the West capable of seizing the throne. They are the Patrick Quinns of the western conference, leader's by default. I actually admire them for their sustained near-brilliance and yes, occasional actual brilliance (see games 1,3,5), but they have never truly pummeled the competition and are typically champions when the vacuum demands this.

In the East, the Heat proved just how truly flawed they are. They stink. I know that it is hard to say this about the Champions, but they have truly deep flaws and a strong team can take them down. The only teams to fear this year in the East are Indiana and Miami and, with the right moves, they can both be made to be very mortal.

This brings us to the Bulls. As it stands, they are a top-3 team in the East. I think that they can compete for a title in 2013 but it will require the actual expenditure of cash. If the Bulls can make a move for the #13 pick, and I mentioned in this fanpost that it is truly possible, then they can probably add KCP and Dieng and really fill out their rotation. Any such marginal move can make the difference between this team dethroning Miami, dashing the Pacers aspirations and winning that ring. It is up to the management to part with the money to do this. When you are this close, you have to spend.

There is the lingering question of Carlos Boozer's place in all of this. Like many BaBer's, I have accepted Boozer as well as his limitations and have come to appreciate what he brings to this team. Toughness, professionalism and yelling. That being said, I am skeptical as to whether this team can win a championship with him on the roster. His game just doesn't fit in with the system. We lack the scoring to cover up his defensive deficiencies. A trade such as a Ben Gordon - Hump - Boozer merry-go-round might just be what we need, assuming that Ben is still a good basketball player. The right moves are out there, it is up to management to make them.

Here are the results. One sad take-away from this is that Cowraiser, the entrant who foolishly cast the Bulls as going all the way, took last place. That's pretty depressing.

Have a good off-season you guys. I think that the Bulls can win it all next year but I would like to hear your input.

Dmes' Bracket, Dmes 310 Heat View
xkellenx's bracket, xkellenx 300 Heat View
simplebracket, prevenge 300 Heat View
chicity773, chicity773 285 Heat View
I-hope-not bracket, odwallajuicish 285 Heat View
2013, jnegron414 275 Heat View
Otherface NBA Bracket, otherface 265 Heat View
mrdope, mrdope 265 Heat View
Patty Mills, Juicy Dengler 260 Spurs View
JGB bracket, JimmehGBuckets 255 Heat View
Doshi 1, Doshi 235 Heat View
The Butler did It's Bracket, The Butler Did It 235 Heat View
cubbybear, cubbybear 230 Heat View
Shortkid99's Bracket, Eric Feigin 230 Heat View
drock8686, drock8686 225 Spurs View
bleigh82, bleigh82 220 Heat View
Fake Bracket for Test Purposes., JDW 220 Heat View
This Bracket Stinks, windycitywarrior 215 Spurs View
B Smurf, Basketball Smurf 205 Heat View
The worst bracket, metalkiwis 165 Thunder View
tuff-gong's baracket, tuff-gong 150 Bulls View
It's gonna happen!!!!, masputo 135 Bulls View
Plywooded, Plywooded 130 Nuggets View
Boom, xshwanger 125 Bulls View
Spyder007's Bracket, Spyder007 115 Bulls View
livesinnoahsbasement, livesinnoahsbasement 105 Bulls View
Mitch Stevens Bracket, Mitch Stevens 85 Clippers View
Slaughterhouse, DreSlaughter45 80 Thunder View
theRETURN, cowraiser 55 Bulls View

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