My 2nd Round Sleeper Pick-Carlos Booz...Er...Jackie Carmichael

So i visited one of my favorite blogs on SBN, Bullets Forever. There one of the newer writers, Umair Khan (thats an awesome name by the way!), has been doing their draft analysis. He made a recent post talking about potential 2nd round picks. I checked it out (and so should you...HERE) and i was expecting to see some of the same articles ive already read. But then i found something i hadnt seen before. A Draft Analysis on a guy named Jackie Carmichael.

Ill let Umair explain who this guy is:

Jackie Carmichael, PF, Illinois State ( scouting report): He immediately jumps out as someone who could start someday for an NBA team. The scouting report on him looks eerily similar to what was written about Boozer back in 2002. He establishes nice position down low, has soft hands, and displays a nice turnaround jumper over either shoulder. Illinois State used him a lot in the pick and roll game, and had no problem using these sets to free himself up on offense - whether it was via a quick hitting jumper or a roll to the basket. At 23, Jackie doesn't have the upside you'd want, but in a pick and roll heavy league, Carmichael could produce immediately for whoever takes him.

This guy sounds amazingly interesting. Even if hes not as good as boozer was back in 2002, hes probably just as good as boozer And hes literally going to cost a fraction of the price as what we are paying for boozer. I know a lot of people were contemplating taking the best wing with 20, and maybe thats actually a good idea, if you draft this guy. More importantly, im starting to feel more and more that the bulls should amnesty boozer this year, add players like korver, and maybe even bringing back nate. It also helps us set up for 2014 better. (Below ill post the scouting vid from draft express on him if you want to see how he plays).

Also, for anyone who would argue that the bulls wouldnt spend 15.3 and 16 million on nobody, there are two responses for me.

A) boozer isnt all that great, so keeping him is still essentially paying for nothing (thats the snarky answer)

B) the bulls, if they dont trade anyone and just sign a bunch of good veteran min contracts, will probably still be around 79 million. That is already 8 million over the luxury tax, plus considering the repeater penalties, its probably about over 10 million (fought the urge to write 9000). If you assume boozer could land with another team for about 5 million (mle) on the waiver wire (and i think thats fair) teh bulls are essentially paying almost the same amount. In fact, since they probably wont surpass 70 million in salary, overall they might actually be saving money by amnestying boozer.

So yea....amnesty boozer, draft his younger clone, get some solid depth, beat the heat and fuck rondo

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