HEY GAR! Get us that Dallas pick!

Alright, here's a quotation from Dallas Mavericks owner and slightly-too-tight t-shirt wearer Mark Cuban:

That is the case. The numbers are the numbers. If I'm going to talk about cap and CBA I can't BS my way around that. ... There's risk involved. If somebody falls that we think is going to be a superstar and nobody else does, then we'll make the pick. I don't think that's likely."

Thus, Dallas is giving up their draft pick. As they are looking to shed salary, the Bulls are uniquely positioned to take on that salary, assuming that they are willing to spend the cash.

1. Why can the Bulls do this?

Two big assets for taking on salary:

A. Rip Hamilton's expiring contract. This trades for 5 million but can be waived for 1 million.

B. The Kyle Korver TPE. This is 5 million in salary that we can take on. This cannot be combined with any other contracts. Thus, a team can trade us any player whose salary is less that 6.25 million and, most importantly, throw in a draft pick.

2. What are the proposed trade suggestions?

A. Take on Vince Carter's contract and relieve Dallas of the #13 pick in order to facilitate this deal. The Mavericks have roughly 18,500,000 in cap space this summer without such a trade (thanks Sham!). If they make this trade, then they can offer either CP3 or DH12 a max deal. Otherwise, DH12 is out of their range and CP3 is borderline. We may need to send them a future draft pick of some type but I think that this is a good starting point for a trade. VC would actually look quite good in the Bulls rotation as he could spell Deng and be a secondary ball-handler.

B. Marion + #13 pick for Rip + Hinrich. I know that I have said this before but it is too perfect, assuming that the Bulls would ever part with Kirk again. The Mav's cut 5 million in salary and get a real backup PG. We get an excellent player for our rotation and the pick. Do it! Screw Kirk and his house in the area.

Also, Marion has said that he will institute his trade kicker unless he is traded to a contender. If you can name a contender that can take on that kind of salary, other than the Bulls, I am all ears.

An alternative to A. would be to swap the Bull's 2014 pick for the Mav's 2013 pick and receive cash from the Mav's to offset the luxury tax costs incurred for taking on VC. This would probably be more palatable for all parties involved.

3. How does this fit with the Bulls long-term plans?

Famously! There are always the people going on about trading Deng to make some kind of big move, but I do not see this happening. The Bulls long-term core is here to stay. Rose/Noah/Deng will be on this team for the next 3-5 years, so get used to it. Our PF rotation is more or less set with Mirotic coming over and taking Boozer's place. Thus, long-term, we will only have two players on contracts over 10 million (Rose + Jo), two players in the 8-10 range (Taj + Lu) with Mirotic probably getting the lion's share of the MLE in 2014. Resign Jimmy Buckets in 2015 and we have a very sustainable long-term salary structure and an excellent core for championship contention. All improvement will come at the margins and this is exactly why we need to be making moves like this!

This is our chance to put the team on track to win that championship. Another impact player can be picked up at #13 and be on a cheap contract for years to come. As we are seeing with the Spurs, this is the difference between winning a championship and spending your off-season in the fetal position, weeping silently. If we continue the merry-go-round of vet mins, we will never get those impact players to make that last push and the team will never develop the kind of chemistry that we are seeing out in San Antonio. We will forever be renting the Marco Bellenelli's of the NBA for 1 year periods, never quite getting 8-9 players that can compete with the best.

Get us that pick Gar!

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