Week 3 of the Blogabull Community Mock Draft! Picks 16-19! (Sign up today!)

Alright gang, this is week 3 of the BaB Community Mock Draft. This week is truncated because the Bulls are pick #20 and that is where the real fun begins. I will write a separate fanpost once we get through pick #19 and we will select the Bulls pick by committee. That said, we have to get through this week's selections first.

Week 3 draft order / BaB GM:

16. Boston Celtics - Soxfan3530

The Celtics select ... Greek forward (and apparent pre-teen) Giannis Adetokunbo.



As well as his freakishly large hands!!!!!



17. Atlanta Hawks - Basketball Smurf

The Hawks select ... Duke mouthbreather Mason Plumlee!



18. Atlanta Hawks - Basketball Smurf

The Hawks select ... North Texas forward Tony Mitchell!



19. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Los Angeles) - Mike.Faust.9

Cleveland selects ... Georgia wing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope!



The State of the Draft:

Here are the first 15 picks. The week 2 picks include an explanation from the BaB Gm if you feel like you need to argue with them some more.

Week 1 (See last week's post for an explanation of each pick.):

Pick #1, Cleveland Cavaliers: Otto Porter, Forward, Georgetown (GM: Mike.Faust.9)

Pick #2, Orlando Magic: Ben McLemore, Wing, Kansas. (GM: Roseyana)

Pick #3, Washington Wizards: Nerlens Noel, Center, Kentucky. (BaB GM: Ceasaleo)

Pick #4, Charlotte Bobcats: Victor Oladipo, Wing, Charlotte. (BaB GM: BroLaxChill)

Pick #5, Phoenix Suns: Alex Len, Center, Maryland. (BaB GM: fsun)

Pick #6, New Orleans Pelicans: Trey Burke, Guard, Michigan. (BaB GM: THEKILLERWHALE)

Pick #7, Sacramento Kings: Anthony Bennett, Forward, UNLV. (BaB GM: THEKILLERWHALE)

Week 2 with Explanation from BaB GM:

Pick #8, Detroit Pistons: LeHigh guard CJ McCollum

BaB GM: Mike.Faust.9

He is a solid scorer if who shoots very good from 3pt. Land (51.5%) I see him more of a SG more then a PG but he is a combo guard at 6’3 & 6’6 wingspan helps him out at the SG spot. He’s a shoot first player. He is a leader carried his team to beat Duke his Junior year. He compares to Best case Steph Curry worst case Juan Dixon.

He fits what Detroit needs in a scoring Guard he fits in prolly be a 6th man early on until they trade Rodney Stuckey, they say they might move Brandon Knight to SG, you pt CJ with Knight both Combo Guards they are interchangeable at PG. SG. It came down to CJ & Shabazz Muhammed just thought they are similar CJ has better handles Shabazz is a better scorer but his red flags were a problem so i went with CJ.

Pick #9: Minnesota Timberwolves: UCLA wing, Shabazz Muhammad.

BaB GM: Ceasaleo.

If you look at the T’Wolves roster, you will see a glut of PG’s and SF/PF types. Their starting SF, if everyone is healthy, is AK47. However, he has a player option for next year. The Shabazz pick gives them insurance at the SF, if AK opts out and is too rich for their blood. If AK stays, then u just slide Shabazz to the SG spot.
He’s a player who I think can thrive with Rubio running things, and an heallthy Love. He’s a scorer, meaning pretty much anywhere on the court he’s a threat. His attitude needs a little work, but the skills are there. Defensively, I think he can be more than average, and with the right coaching he can be pretty good.

Pick #10: Portland Trailblazer: Indiana Center, Cody Zeller.


...with the #10 pick, the Portland Trail Blazers select Cody Zeller. I do not think that Zeller has a prayer of being a center in theNBA. He doesn’t have the length and he is far too skinny. That said, he has an excellent and non-standard skill set for a PF. He can handle the ball and his athleticism was off the charts at the combine (he had the highest no-step vertical which is a very surprising and useful bit of athleticism for a big man). I do not think that you can play him next to LaMarcus Aldridge but Portland needs all the help they can get on their bench (and he probably should not be starting in NBA games for a few years anyways). I was thinking about picking for the starting lineup, and this is why I considered Dieng, but my BPA instincts took over. Hopefully he isn’t a complete bust.

Pick #11: Philadelphia 76er's: Russian Guard, Sergey Kasarev.

BaB GM: Piccolomair.

I can tell you about sergeys strength, dudes a pure shooter. From a mechanics standpoint, or from a percentage standpoint, dude is efficient. Hes a potential 3pt contest winner, already used to be a the primary option on his Olympic Russian team and he just turned 19 this last october! the guy has talents that sometimes make him seem like manu light (down to the lefty stroke, crazy court awareness, and motor) and has a pretty high floor to start off with, with his biggest weakness really being his athletic potential. Regardless of what team you have, what kind of offense, what kind of players you have on that team, or what you lack….having a pure shooter (as the bulls learned this year) makes a huge difference and is a huge advantage. While all of this is part of why the sixers take Sergey, its not the biggest reason.

The biggest reason is because with an international prospect like sergey, the sixers can utilize the draft-and-stash strategy. According to most reports Sergey is very flexible on when he wants to come to the nba, this is key for the sixers who need that kind of flexibility. If Bynum stays and is good, they lose capspace but can call in Sergey, and have him added to the team regardless of their cap situation.

Pick #12: Oklahoma City Thunder: Pittsburgh Center Steven Adams.

BaB GM Soxfan3530.

While the Thunder could use another shooting guard with Martin being a free agent, my guess is they look to shore up the defensive side of the ball the help defend the likes of the grizz duo, Howard, Duncan, etc.
Adams isn’t going to do much offensively at first, or maybe ever, but he has shown the ability to be a shut down post defender with his size and athleticism. He is still raw and struggled with consistency, but at only 19 he still has plenty of upside and time to develop. Like I said earlier, this is a luxury pick so the Thunder might go with the guy with the highest upside. At this point, I believe that to be Adams, who should provide solid defensive minutes and could eventually blossom into a legit 7’0" center of the future.

Pick #13: Dallas Mavericks: Brazil Center, Lucas Noriega.

BaB GM Rowseyana.

He’s still very young at only 19 years old and he has incredible size for that age and the positions he can play. He’s 7’0" and 220 pounds at only 19! With a skill set to play both PF and C! He has unbelievable athleticism, quickness, and potential. With his size, athleticism and quickness, and youth, his potential is through the roof. He’s still very raw and will take some time to develop. I think his potential is worth it, though. He also has a 7’6" wingspan and lightning quick reflexes! I think he’d be a nightmare on the fast break and he’s also a solid rebounder. He’s got very quick feet, which help a lot with his rebounding, that were enhanced with his Brazilian Futball background. He already shoots 60% from the free throw line, which may not sound all that great at first, but is actually pretty damn good for someone of his position and age. I could definitely see him getting to that 70%-80% range.

Pick #14: Utah Jazz: German guard, Dennis Schroeder.

BaB GM: Chicago's Son.

He played in Germany this season, averaging 12 points, 3.2 assists 2.5 rebounds in 25 minutes per game on 43 percent shooting (40.2 percent on three pointers). These stats are challenging to use for future prediction for a few reasons: 1) he’s a 19 year old kid playing against grown men and holding his own and 2) the german league is not even the best basketball league in europe. But his good 3 point stroke and 80% free throw shooting are both encouraging numbers. When facilitating the offense Schroeder has consistently demonstrated creativity and an ability to run the pick and roll, which is key for a Jazz offense centered around their big man . Schroeder has good ball handling skills, an explosive first step, and is a pass first point guard that can still make defenses pay for sagging off of him too much.

Although he’s a very raw prospect, his ceiling seems to be quite high and with the right coaching he could use his quick lateral movement and huge wingspan (6-7.5) to become a great defender in the league, although that would also depend on him adding strength to his narrow frame. His sub-par strength could also be the reason for his problems finishing at the rim. Schroeder can get to the rim with ease and if he successfully bulk up, his ability to complete his drives is almost sure to improve.

Pick #15: Milwaukee Bucks: Miami Guard, Shane Larkin: BaB GM: Ceasaleo.

The Bucks backcourt is in utter disrepair. Jennings is on his way out, and Monte Ellis turned down their extension. So basically, they have Larry Sanders, Henson, and Ilsalova (sp?) With a bunch of money.
The main targets I looked at were Larkin, Schroeder, and KCP. The Jazz took Schroeder from me. So it came down to either a PG or SG.
I chose Larkin. He might be a bit undersized, but he is athletically explosive, with the 44" vert. I think he can become a pick n roll demon, a smaller version of CP3. Defensively, he’s gonna need to step it up, but I believe he can be more than average as a pest full court on NBA PG’s. Offensively, he has vision, a nice outside shot(may need to become more consistent), and he finishes well at the rim.

Beyond Week 3 (Sign up for any open slots today):

20. Chicago Bulls - COMMUNITY GM! FUN HAD BY ALL!
21. Utah Jazz (from Golden State via Brooklyn) - Chicago's Sun
22. Brooklyn Nets
23. Indiana Pacers - fsun
24. New York Knicks - Ceasaleo
25. Los Angeles Clippers
26. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis via Houston) - Ceasaleo
27. Denver Nuggets
28. San Antonio Spurs
29. Oklahoma City Thunder - SoxFan3530
30. Phoenix Suns (from Miami via L.A. and Cleveland) - fsun

Link Dump:

Here is the SB Nation master list.

Here are the raw combine measurements.

Alright gang, that's it. It is SoxFan3530 to select now. Have at it and be sure to pick up the Hawks. The Bulls pick should be a good debate so be sure to tune in to the next installment also. Peace!

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