Let's talk about SCORERS! Because scorers are what we need!

It is the dreaded offseason, but not everything's bad :)

I think we've heard this narrative for, what, 3 years now... the Bulls need a scorer. Preferably a shot-creating, playmaking, floor-spacing, non-RipHamilton-esque, defense playing, bad motherfucker.

Bad news is, there aren't many players with that skill set in the league, and even fewer are available. The Bulls would prefer their "scorer" to be on the wing, but it is not mandatory.

SG is arguably the weakest position in the NBA right now, with the elite consisting of Harden and... Harden? (thanks to Kobe's Achilles and wade's bitchiness/fucked up knees).

Obviously, guys like Harden, LeBitch and Durant are untouchable, but with Rose on the team, the secondary scorer does not have to be elite.

Here are some simple proposals:

1)NATE THE MOTHERFUCKING GREAT ROBINSON- For this small market, baseball loving Bulls organization, Nate the great makes a lot of sense. He might come cheaper than the others, and if offered a multi-year MMLE, he might accept it. Knows the system, has matured a lot, is a fan favorite, and has the ideal job of keeping up the pressure when Rose is on the bench as a sparkplug. Also, does shit like this. Despite being tiny, he fits the Bulls' mold of tough (boy is he TOUGH), high energy, hardworking players, and can even play alongside Rose.

2) MARCO BIG SPICY BALLSONELLI - The other of the Bulls' under $2 million superstar acquisitions, Italian Jordan can do it all- just not very well. To be fair, he was put in an uncomfortable role once but worked hard and took what came with the job. Hit a couple of crazy game winners. Can run the pick and roll. Only problem is he sucks coming off the bench for some reason. Had a great stretch earlier in the year, and his ability to drive on the closeouts would make him effective next to Rose.

3) KEVIN MARTIN- Unlikely to return to OKC. Great 3-point shooter despite a weird looking shot. Used to be great at getting to the FT line. Can move without the ball very well, fitting into the Bulls' offense. Horrible defensive player, but might be available for MMLE to MLE range.

4) MANU GINOBILI- The spurs have mastered the art of resigning their best players for basically nothing, but Manu fucking sucks, is old as shit, is somewhat of a well known name but not a superstar, breaks easily, and on his last legs. Sounds like a player GarPax would acquire because of his "experience". That being said, he is still better than Rip Hamilton because of his playmaking ability.

5) MARCUS THORNTON- A trade needs to be worked out, probably involving CHA pick, a future first rounder, Teague and Rip's expiring, but we're talking a really good fit on a pretty good contract.

6) GERALD HENDERSON- Gerald Henderson is a decent player. But being a decent player on the Bobcats is like saying Jerry Reinsdorf is a good owner because the Bulls won six titles. He is an iffy but improving outside shooter, is a decent scorer in terms of production (don't watch the Bobcats because they suck) and is good at getting to the line, especially after being given some pointers by MJ last year.

7) OJ MAYO- OJ Mayo's dream season was almost complete. He had played his way to a huge contract. Or that's what he thought... before Rick Carlisle took a huge dump on him and in his bank account where the money should have been. So where do unwanted free agents go on their way to a big contract the next year? Chicago, of course! Winning solves everything, and OJ MIGHT just have noticed that if he's smart enough and come over for a year. Good outside shooter but bad at a lot of other things... Thibsdust could work, and if it does, with Dengs contract coming off and Booz getting amnestied they can resign him. If he doesnt disrupt the locker room, seems like a low risk, high reward move.

8) PAUL PIERCE- Paul Pierce is old. He was (is?) hated by some Bulls fans. But that is only because he plays for the Celtics and he likes wheelchairs. Now, he is facing being cut by the Celtics... Where does he go to get his revenge? A contender, of course. As a lifelong Celtic, he isn't following Ray Allen's footsteps to Miami. Instead, the man that Shaq called the Truth can take a small paycut (on top of $5 million or so the Cs would already be paying him) to join the man Dwight Howard called the Truth.

Contender? Check! Familiar System? Check! Assurance of a great coach? Check! Will still be loved by Cs fans? Check! Not being shut down by Luol Deng anymore? Check! (well, outside of practice).

The gauntlet has been tossed! Go ahead and post proposals for scorers who you think might fit the mold, and how the Bulls go about acquiring them (free agency? trade?).

(I'll keep editing this with additions, or add them in the comments).

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