The Nets Fans Are Even More Delusional Than The Bulls Fans

While the Bulls fans can be plenty delusional, setting timelines for a guy "100% back or 0% back" when it's clearly against the best interests of the team to rule someone out that has a chance to play (while the team still has his back at least, which every indication gives that they do), and blaming injuries on the head coach when a majority of injuries cannot even be blamed on playing time (which is not even a proven method of injury blame), the Nets fans seem to be even more delusional.

Two points (and I hope my post gets to stand given all the frequent posts from Nets fans I have to wade through in the last week or so on these two points).

1. PJ is a terrible coach, his decisions make us much worse of a team. Blatantly false. Other than not playing Blatche more, there's nothing PJ does that really impacts the team much in any way. Look, you have to play Wallace. He's not great, but he's still a very solid defender. He's guarding Belinelli to Butler to Deng to Boozer in this series and none of them are taking him to the rim. Any guy that can do that is worth keeping on the floor. Yes, I know, Evans sucks on offense and it sucks to have him and Wallace on the court at once. But it's not like you have massive offensive power at the 4. Because Evans has sucked a little bit more lately and Humphries has gotten lucky, you guys harp about Wallace and Evans playing together. But Humphries is also terrible at offense, and he's worse on defense than Evans. You simply don't have depth or any great options. There's a reason you have offensive players like JJ, Deron and Brook. The Bulls don't have a single player on their team (at least not healthy enough in this series) to be as good as those 3 on offense. So it shouldn't matter if PJ trots out Wallace and Evans at the same time, you still have the 3 best offensive guys on the floor!

2. Your future is bright. This one is an arguably worse delusion. You completely forget that you had the 2nd highest salary this year and the highest salary committed for the next two seasons. Even worse, you have no players that are projected to improve, and quite a few that almost certainly will get worse (JJ, Wallace as primary examples). The two bright spots that you have, three perhaps, are that Deron was obviously not 100% early this year, Brooks has some potential to be a starter and your owner is probably willing to spend even more money if he can (which means you can buy yourself an overpriced rotation player that most teams wouldn't spend money on in your current salary position). But that's not enough to look forward to. Currently, today, Deron is 100%. And Brooks and one more rotation player is not enough to offset JJ and Wallace's decline. Today, taking a Chicago team, one that spends over ten million less than you, missing the former MVP, with their starting center, best PF, starting SF and two starting guards all out of the lineup, taking that team to 7 games... his is as good of a team as you're likely to have in the next few years.

Granted, that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy your team. Nothing is set in stone, I'm just talking about the average, or projection for your team. You have an owner that will likely always pay top dollar to field his team, so even if you stay where you are for 2 or 3 years, your owner will be there to buy up a new round of stars and hope they fit right in a few years.

But these posts about how the it's all PJ's fault and the Nets will be great in a year or two, they are delusion like these boards have not seen... perhaps ever. They are more delusional than paying Gordon 55 million over 5 years, blaming Thibs for the injuries of Noah, Deng, Hinrich, Belinelli, Hamilton, Taj, Rose and others. It's on the scale of Ben Wallace signing delusional.

Look, Chicago fans have a good reason to be so off base. The star is hurt, he was supposed to come back by April. It's May, he's not here, reports seem to be that he's not confident that's he's good enough to return and it obviously gets tons of people frustrated and questioning him. Beyond that, this team that could still be top 4 with a healthy roster and probably 2nd best in east with healthy player, it's limping. It's barely healthy. If you look at it in terms of salary, probably 40-50 million in Bulls salary is not healthy, and that's taking Boozer's 15 million and calling it healthy. This is a team that injury wise, for one season, can stand head to head with Portland's Roy, Oden injury team (for year, mind you, not long term... I hope). Even the Lakers haven't had this bad of an injury spell this year.

So Bulls fans, forgive yourself a bit for the words you've said lately, and the words you'll continue to say until the fall (hopefully). Nets fans, you're delusional on a scale that is unprecedented.

Here's to game 7, you're not our friends, Go Bulls!

P.S. PJ is not a bad coach.

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