Cap Situation for all 30 NBA Teams

Like some people on this site, I sometimes spent my free time putting "fake trades" together. I'm getting tired of having to flip through Sham's website to see who has cap space so I'm putting this together so others don't have to waste their time.

Team Salary Amt. U/O Cap Amt. in Luxury Tax
Atlanta 22,497,415 35,546,585 0
Boston 76,019,698 (17,975,698) 5,712,698
Brooklyn 86,340,931 (28,296,931) 16,033,931
Charlotte 41,077,306 16,966,694 0
Chicago 77,928,581 (19,884,581) 7,621,581
Cleveland 36,119,098 21,924,902 0
Dallas 42,994,093 15,049,907 0
Denver 68,681,468 (10,637,468) 0
Detroit 35,045,558 22,998,442 0
Golden State 75,680,088 (17,636,088) 5,373,088
Houston 54,951,158 3,092,842 0
Indiana 49,928,027 8,115,973 0
L.A. Clippers 45,688,124 12,355,876 0
L.A. Lakers 79,631,035 (21,587,035) 9,324,035
Memphis 62,818,837 (4,774,837) 0
Miami 86,464,629 (28,420,629) 16,157,629
Milwaukee 42,055,523 15,988,477 0
Minnesota 58,599,177 (555,177) 0
New Orleans 42,423,423 15,620,577 0
New York 77,680,056 (19,636,056) 7,373,056
Oklahoma City 67,794,070 (9,750,070) 0
Orlando 52,800,437 5,243,563 0
Philadelphia 45,431,164 12,612,836 0
Phoneix 48,252,297 9,791,703 0
Portland 44,640,165 13,403,835 0
Sacramento 41,345,659 16,698,341 0
San Antonio 41,666,028 16,377,972 0
Toronto 72,951,259 (14,907,259) 2,644,259
Utah 27,001,081 31,042,919 0
Washington 57,065,519 978,481 0

This doesn't include cap holds for the draft and min. salary players but you get the general picture. The teams with major cap space (over 10 million) are: Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, LA Clippers, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio & Utah.

Dallas: Looking to sign Dwight Howard, need to shed more salary to offer him the max

LA Clippers: Looking to use cap space to re-sign Chris Paul

Milwaukee: Looking to use some cap space to extend Brandon Jennings

Philadelphia: May use cap space to re-sign Andrew Bynum

Portland: Looking to use some cap space to re-sign JJ Hickson

San Antonio: Looking to some cap space to re-sign Manu Ginobili

Utah: May use cap space to resign Al Jefferson and Paul Milsap

Comment on the bottom if I made a mistake somewhere and I'll edit my post.

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