Im Against Trading Deng, but Lets not Let THAT Stop Me From Having A Little Fun...

This was originally a comment, but in the middle of writing this out, i found i had a lot more to say than i thought. Ill probably add more, as i do want to write a few more. Also, most of these trade ideas also stem off the fact that the bulls are able to sign Nazr, Ronnie Brewer, and that Marco will only want a little more than the Veterans minimum. Nate robinson is presumed to be out of price range in these scenarios

Trade 1)

Deng to Suns for Gortat and Brown

Why the bulls do it-

We shore up the backup big man spot. Gortat is a pretty great backup big. A solid rebounder, a solid defender, and hes got a soft touch around the rim coupled with a great motor. Brown didnt get much burn here his first time around, but if we are going to lose nate robinson (mainly cuz he will get plenty of offers obove mmle numbers) then brown is a solid backup option. While he is no nate-the-great, hes a capable shooter, athletic finisher for his size, and id say hes a better defender (less polished offensively). With rose and hinrich most likely taking the bulk of the pg minutes anyway, Shannon brown can come in and be an x-factor catalyst. Best of all, he expires in 2014....even better...bulls save 3 million in the trade!

Why the suns do it-

They desperately, desperately need help at sf, and they need a wing who isnt a head case like beasley. Deng presents a leadership option to their franchise, and sets the tone for the younger players of what it means to be a pro. Not to mention, deng is actually pretty good.

Trade 2)

Deng, bobcats pick, 20th pick, and boozer to Lakers for Pau and mwp

Why the bulls do it-

Pau Gasol. While getting up their in age, pau is still undoubtedly more reliable than boozer (hes better at passing, and shooting, and getting inflated rebounds, not to mention actually two shits on D!) MWP isnt luol deng, actually i pretty much hate his game and thinks he sucks...but somebodys gotta backup jimmy. The bulls save money in the immediate, which helps avoid the luxury tax repeater... Best of all this team is primed for that 2014 crap, and with deng no longer on the team, maybe the plan can have a little more merit (still a stupid plan...)



MWP/Ronnie Brewer



Why the lakers do it-

They are adding salary, thats for sure. Boozer is more of a pick and roll guy, and nash has seemed lost with dwight howard (doesnt know how to run an effective pick and roll at all) and pau (doesnt care to run the pick and roll at all?), they also now have the ability to put Howard in the post without conflict (boozer dont want to be in the post like pau did), and boozers defensive woes are hidden by the d'antoni no d ball. Deng is an obvious upgrade at the wing position, and can play a shawn marion type role here. The lakers need to do something to shake it up, and unlike some teams, the lakers arent against paying to get victories. Dwight and Boozer have far more potential in the long run than Dwight and Pau did (because paus game didnt mix well with howards game at all, while boozers would compliment dwight very well).

Trade 3)

Deng to Clippers for Caron Butler and Grant Hill and this years 1st

Why the bulls do it-

Caron butler isnt a great player, he can score though, and hes a decent ball handler when he needs to be. Grant hill is old but has shown to be effective on defense when he plays (which is becoming very rare) the bulls would have 2 first round picks which can help add future assets. This isnt a win now move, but it does solidify a 2014 plan while remaining competetive. The bulls can effectively draft Dieng and Crabbe in the draft, and that can play dividends going towards the future.


Jimmy/Crabbe/mmle player

Carron/Ronnie Brewer/Grant Hill



Why the Clippers do it-

They are getting a very good upgrade at the sf position, and its literally costing them 4 million to do so. Thats pretty damned good. Butler was very unreliable, and was a pretty big ball stopper. Luol deng excels at playing without the ball, and with a pg like cp3 who is incredibly adept at hitting the open man with tight passes, both players and system should flourish.

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