An Open Letter to Derrick Rose

If you didn't know yet, CBS Chicago has given fans an opportunity to send in an Open Letter to Derrick Rose, which they'll feature on the website.

You might wanna check it out, or send one in yourself:

Here's mine.

I remember it like it was just yesterday, Derrick.

In 2009, You captured our hearts and made everyone believe that the Chicago Bulls were going to takeover the NBA. The epic 7 game series against the defending champs Boston Celtics. We were the clear underdogs. If it

wasn't for you elevating your game and carrying the team on your back, we would've been swept. Humiliated.Destroyed.

But we saw that you had something special. That intangible that couldn't be quantified by any stat, nor any boring interview you gave. When you took the floor, we cheered you on. With every jumpshot, we salivated at the thought of you rounding out your game. With every posterization of the Dragics and Randolphs of the world, we stood and raised hell.

Because we knew that you wanted it. We knew that you accepted the mantle of being the heart and soul of the Chicago Bulls.

You see, Derrick, you are more than a basketball player to us. You are a symbol. When you fail, we fall with you. When you succeed, we stand beside you, with our chests puffing up just a little bit more and our heads held high. We believed in you, Derrick. When the MVP came, you weren't the only one in tears. It was your validation as one of the best. It was ours as well. The Bull that we cheered for, lived and died with got the highest individual award possible.

Do you still remember when it all came crashing down, Derrick? Because I still do.

I was numb for a day when you tore your ACL. A day turned into a week. Then a month. Watching the NBA was just a cloud of haze. We got bounced in the first round. The offseason came, and with it the media promising us so many things about you. A return. A comeback. A restoration of former glory.

We waited for you, Derrick. Not just the Bulls org, but us fans. We stood still while Luol, Carlos, Joakim and the new Bulls bravely fought for 82+ games. We never lost hope that you would come back.

But you haven't yet. Even though they say you're healthy. Even though they need you the most.

Do you still remember your first love Derrick? Playing ball with tender ankles, fractured fingers? If you're afraid, it's okay. We're all afraid of something. Fear can be a bully that keeps pushing us to our limits.

But eventually, we have to fight back. You have to fight back.

Do you still remember, Derrick?

Do you still remember how to fight?

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