Views From the Beach: Wiped Out

I always felt that if the depleted Bulls were to keep this a series, Game 3 was the game to take at the UC. Ideally, you'd want to hold serve at home and take both games, but these aren't ideal times. So I was always of the mind that you take Game 3, go up 2-1, and now the pressure is on the Heat. Instead, what happened is what I feared; they lost a hard-fought game Friday night and you can tell it just kinda sucked the wind out of their sails. Even if they were going to come out guns ablazin' last night, the moment you see Nate missing everything under the sun, it also sucks the energy out of you. Maybe the sight of Rip making it onto the court was truly the straw that broke the camel's back.

This guy didn't seem too affected by it...


So whatever. And then by the end of the night, this whole ugly episode really became a laugher. Right, Jo?



Heat fans are riding high again. Although they never really got too low anyways. Who could blame them, honestly... I mean, even us Bulls fans had no real expectations of winning this series with the current makeup of the roster. In reality, even if the "guy in the suit" had returned at some point this season, I never had any realistic hopes of beating this Miami team this year. So I've expected this the whole time. Game 1 gave the small glimmer of hope, but ultimately the great sadness comes in reality setting in. Reality for me means another year of wondering "what if" with this team. Whether it be ThibsBall, or minutes loads, or just a roster full of players with extensive injury histories, or even Fred, whatever it is, it hurts not truly knowing the full potential of this team yet again. I'm always a die-hard, but man can this kind of thing make you wonder what you've cheered for and spent so much thought and energy on this whole time since October... Almost would've been wiser to just stay away for a year (heh... maybe Derrick was on to something). I think, in the end, none of us can truly do that. I guess it's why we keep this place flowing with traffic year-round.

In the meantime, the Bulls are being reduced to this in the eyes of Heat fans...


Here is to this year's Bulls being educational to all parties involved.

Educational to Bulls fans that we can never truly count this team out. Educational to NBA fans that there is always something to root for no matter how bleak a situation might look. Educational to management that you can't make Filet Mignon out of shitty beef. Educational to the Heat that you can never overlook an opponent or feel entitled just because you're the favorites.

I think all that is left at this point is let it all hang out there. Nate has done well, and the other fill-ins have performed admirably. Why not just toss the youngsters into the fire and see what they got. Let them see what it is they have to work on over the summer if they want to truly compete with the best. Teague, Thomas, Jimmy... let them go out there and give it all they've got. It'll be a different look than the Heat have been game-planning for, so I guess that is worth something. Just please, Thibs, switch it up and don't just offer this roster up as sacrificial lambs. They've played your style all year. It's gotten them this far. How about letting these guys who have given it their all for you all year, all of their sweat, blood, guts, puke, everything... let them go out on their own terms. Seriously, a prayer is about all they've got at this point. Ask Jimmy...


And finally, on a personal note... I've been fighting the good fight down here, even at times defending the indefensible in regards to some of the Bulls' behavior in this series, and in the end, Heat fans have taken it easy for the most part and have commended this Bulls team for not backing down and fighting through all the adversity. Still hasn't prevented them from having some fun with me...


I swear that bitch ever touches me again...

Go Bulls!!! Just one more day to live. A few hours more of hearing the waves that have just crashed upon the shore in a crescendo fade back into the sea...

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