The coach of the team, Tom Thibodeau, is the problem.

[this lunacy was polluting the Rose thread. Hopefully it's the last we hear of it. -yfbb]

I’m shocked that so many Bulls fans that post here are so naive about Jeff Van Gundy and Tom Thibodeau. They are playing a dirty game, and many Bulls fans have been suckered into it. The fact that Van Gundy can have the nerve on national TV to label Roy Hibbert as the Eastern Conference’s defensive player of the year is galling! Did Joakim Noah Die?

His pronouncement didn’t surprise me. A week ago he offered another put down when he said that the Bulls had been more successful when they played without Noah. He backed up the remark with figures, as if that settles the issue.

There is an anti-Noah thing going on here and Thibs and Van Gundy are leading it.

Were it left to those two, Noah would not have been an All-Star this year. Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe named Noah the Defensive Player of the Year.

Can’t forget Thibs, who worked as an assistant under Van Gundy with the Houston Rockets, waxing poetic about Omer Asik and China’s Yao Ming being a lot alike. One observer said Thibs’ remarks “seemed odd because Yao was a far more polished offensive player , a guy who had great post moves, plus a mid-range jumper you had to respect while Asik was not even close.”

Then Thibs made the statement that troubled me.

“Very, very bright,” Thibodeau said of his former big men. He reacts quickly, anticipates, and he’s relentless. He’s a multiple-effort guy. He’s a 7-footer, smart, driven. He will get better."

So there you have it! Thibs and Van Gundy, and their anti-Noah hate!

I like Noah’s response to Thibs’ vitriol after a home loss … “Grown men being yelled at before 9:00 am — that’s funny.”

There are some naive and deliberately stupid people who post on this blog.

To begin with, Bulls management have a big problem on their hands. They have created the problem, a monster they seemingly can’t control. He has armed himself with some dangerous assistants. And I’m talking about Adrian Griffin and Ron Adams, two men you can label hustlers who survived an assault on Joakim Noah’s career in his first year with the Bulls team. I’m referring to those two who, supported by the ogre Ben Wallace, managed to persuade the team to impose two suspensions on Noah after the center lost it over a run-in he had with Ron Adams over Adams’ constant snapping at him during practice.

That gang has joined Thibs’ dislike for Noah and they are still around!

And for those puzzled at Rose’s reaction to Thibs, look at what Rose had to say about his coach in a not so long ago interview with K. C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

“I’ve never played for a coach who was that focused. There’s nothing else—no kids, no wife, no leisure time to watch TV. I’m dead serious. There’s nothing else going on. I’ve never heard about Thibs being out eating. I never ran into him eating anywhere. . . . I’ve never been around a coach like him."

Certainly doesn’t sound like a player who enjoy’s Thibs’ company. I think we may have the answer to the Rose family’s reluctance to have him anywhere near Thibs.

I think others on the team have the same opinion and they are taking their time following their own schedule.

Taj Gibson was playing a good soldier recently, but I see now that he sees no sense, on his part, to unnecessarily kill himself. This is the same guy who was defending Thibs when people were expressing anger over Thibs’ harsh handling of Noah. He has learned!

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