One play that ended the Knicks winning streak

The Chicago Bulls did use one play over and over against the Knicks last night (118:111). But most importantly, they scored almost every time the run this play, especially in the fourth quarter.

Example 1:

It always started with Hinrich running the play. Carlos Boozer comes to set the screen, meanwhile Nate Robinson cuts to the basket.


While Hinrich is comming around Boozer’s screen, Robinson tries to get open using double-screen set by Belinelli and Butler.


That leaves Hinrich with three choices: he got Robinson on three point line, Boozer rolling to the rim and (in this particular case) he can drive by himself, which he eventually chose to do. Here is the result, he made the shot and gave the Bulls four point lead.


Example 2:

Again, same start of the play. Hinrich with the ball on the left side, Boozer coming to set the screen.


The Knicks defence is focusing on the pick n roll, but there is Robinson using the double-screen.


This time Hinrich hit him with a bullet pass and Nate didn’t hesitate to shoot. It went in.


Example 3:

Here is another option for this play. Again, same start. Hinrich with the ball, Boozer setting the screen and Robinson cutting to the basket.


Hinrich once again seeks the opportunity to hit Robinson for the three point shoot.


While Knicks defender now focusing both on Hinrich and Robinson, there is the lane wide open, because Anthony has to stay with rolling Boozer. Here is a little mistake by Chris Copeland, guarding Jimmy Butler. Butler cuts to the open lane and Hinrich hit him with a great pass.


There you have it. Shorthanded Knicks didn’t play their patented "switch everything" defence and smart play-calling by the Bulls guards took advantage of it. Still the game came to the overtime, in which the Bulls again used this play numerous times. It was designed specially against the Knicks small lineup and it worked.

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