Norris Cole Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying about whether Nikola Mirotic will ever play in the NBA

So yfbb retweeted an article this morning on the Painted Area ("In Hubie We Trust" really sets the tone, as does the picture of their demigod). The article was about teams' effective age, where the age of the team is weighted by minutes played, giving a better indication of the average age of the team on the court. They focused on how the Heat have gotten older quickly, and would be one of the oldest teams ever to with the championship if they did so this year. This makes me happy, since I think it could forecast the end of the Heat's championship window, especially when we consider that Dwayne Wade is already 31, and provides vital athleticism for his team. He is going to have to learn old-man ball from Vince Carter soon enough, and the thought warms the cockles of my heart.

But buried in this article is a line that really struck me:

the only two rotation players younger than 28 are Mario Chalmers (26) and one of the worst rotation players in the league, Norris Cole (24).

This really made my cockles light afire. Some Bulls fans were happy when GarPaxDorf drafted "the next coming of Tyronn Lue" Norris Cole, believing him to be the man to push the Bulls "over the top" in Friedell-speak. This elation was then painfully ripped from our hearts when GarPaxDorf then traded the prodigal son for Nikola Mirotic, a forward from Montenegro playing for Real Madrid for the next 3+ years at least. Some fans thought we had traded a good asset for a complete unknown who could be the second coming of Kornel David, or might never even play for the Bulls.

I'll get back to the line from the Painted Area now. Could this be true? Could Norris Cole, who played 19mpg for the championship Heat, really be that bad? I sure hope so.

A quick look at his B-R profile makes a pretty strong case. First, his stats from this year are almost identical to last year, showing no progression. In fact, the only notable difference is that he takes less shots and FTs, which makes sense because he sucks at shooting (40 FG% career), and really why foul a guy who shoots that badly. Spoelstra apparently figured out how useless he is, going from a 22 USG% last year to 16 USG% this year. His ORtg of 90 this year is worse than everyone on the Bulls (including Rip!) except Nazr, Vlad, Daequan and Marquis, the last of which we know is still pretty raw, and has played better than the suckage he did earlier in the year, and only averages 9mpg.

It seems that he just might be one of the worst rotation players in the NBA, and this makes me happy. Not that the Heat aren't way better than we are, but at least our boy wonder Mirotic is tearing up Europe, and Norris Cole is playing badly, and frequently for the Heat. Oh, and the Heat are old.

TL;DR Norris Cole is awful, and the Heat are old.

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