Woj: Tom Thibodeau Still Hasn't Signed His Contract Extension

Buried in the middle of his article on the Ainge/Riley slapfest, Woj reveals this shocking aside:

Still, Thibodeau is stubborn and he'll never let his players back down to James and the Heat. So stubborn, in fact, Thibodeau still hasn't signed the four-year, $17.5 million-plus contract extension that Bulls commemorated with an Oct. 1 news conference.

"The deal's done," Thibodeau told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday night. Nevertheless, he wouldn't acknowledge that it had been signed because that still hasn't happened, several sources with direct knowledge of the contract told Y! Sports.

This is how Thibodeau operates, part of his maddening genius. He wears everyone down until he gets everything he wants – front offices, players, and often opponents too.

From reading the second paragraph, it appears that Woj got a tip about this and called up Thibs to confirm that he was entering the summer without having anything more than a verbal commitment to the Bulls. And then Woj asked, "So did you sign the contract?" And Thibs didn't say yes.

Later, he adds:

Back in his assistant coaching days in Boston, his contracts lingered unsigned, too. Looking back, no one is sure that Thibodeau ever signed the waiver confirming that he'd never sell his personal engraved 2008 championship ring when those were handed out to staff.

I thought those contracts "lingered" because he was interviewing for head coaching jobs?

At any rate, this is rather shocking news -- who negotiates a contract and then forgets to sign it for six months?

Less shocking: a national reporter once again trumped the local guys. Poor KC.

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