The Fanpost to make up for commenting it every day: Thibs and I are smarter than you

[Lothar had a great time last night entertaining himself - so many LOLs, and panties-talk! - hammering the same (wrong) opinion into the Brooklyn post-game thread. Since he's right with one thing - that it's not going to change - It is probably best we keep it on a separate thread, otherwise I expect a lot of him commenting too much about how we talk about it too much.

The title was my choice, the rest are his comments. They're well-formed but incorrect and a bit dickish, IMO. Screw you, Lothar! You're bad at comments and this wound up taking some time. But now I'll just delete whenever you bring it up again. -yfbb]

It’s about building a culture of playing for 48 minutes. There is no "garbage time" in Thibs ball. Great effort all around. Can’t wait to see what this team can do with a healthy DRose.

98% of coaches weren't COY their first year while leading their team to the conference finals, fastest to 100 wins, etc. Give the guy some credit - he knows what he's doing and players around the league respect him and want to play for him. We can argue about his coaching philosophy, but I'd at least appreciate it if people could see he's not just doing it to be mean or run people into the ground or whatever. Thibs has repeatedly said he eases up on them on practice. They wouldn't even be doing 5-on-5 scrimmages except to help Rose work his way back. And it's not going to change: JR's not going to pay him to go away.

Taking Lu out the last minute or two would have done nothing to help his wrist, or Jo his foot. You're really over-dramatizing this. Wouldn't have hurt, but it's 1 or 2 minutes, with 1 or 2 ball stops. Not a big deal at all. It's just hilarious how such a tiny insignificant chunk of basketball time gets everyones' collective panties in a bunch. It really wasn't a big deal, just a few possessions. It's not like they're running around barefoot on broken glass out there. People are completely overreacting. But I guess we have nothing better to talk about after a great team win over a conference rival that moves us up in playoff positioning.

What's the other major criticism of this team? They "play down to the competition." Thibs is trying to teach them to take every game seriously, for 48 minutes, to play playoff caliber basketball. This is a game with playoff implications. I'm glad they played with that kind of intensity, while lazy overpaid Nets players did not. Sometimes you can never recover lost momentum. Getting the starters back in doesn't always work, or you would never see late-game upsets in the NBA.

It's almost like Thibs did it just to grief people, lol.

If you believe Rose’s ACL was a freak accident, you don’t freak out about every minute on the court. But if you believe Rose was tired and run down and one more minute of rest would have saved his ACL, well you’re apparently everyone but me.

Thibs is so much smarter than common sense. He's watched more injuries than anyone you know. He's watched far more leads slip away at the end of games. 15 points is nothing in four or five minutes in the NBA. Pulling starters in that circumstance is simply reckless. Thibs isn’t going to change. I enjoyed seeing those guys close out the game—they played awesome together and deserved walking off with the final buzzer.

The guys on the bench should work to earn consequential minutes in the game. Not get shoveled out for "garbage time". Thibs is a player's coach. Thibs gives players ownership. It is up to them, up to how well they play individually and as a unit. I think it's preparing them to be beasts in the playoffs, but it's basically a coaching philosophy thing. I understand why people worry about injuries, but really the chances are so minuscule. The kind of teams that worry like that are what we saw in the Brooklyn Nets tonight. Thibs calls it ‘mental toughness'.

As for Noah's ankle... hurting it again and worsening it in the same game was just really crappy luck. A ‘black swan' event, as was Rose's ACL.

Parker just went out for four weeks with an ankle sprain. I'm sure it's Pop's fault somehow.... should've been more careful with him lol. Shit happens. Players get injured. Hindsight is 20/20. The team was careful with Rose... and he was having fun finally being able to play his game without restrictions, and it sucks he got hurt. But it's nobody's fault.

Living each minute on the court in fear of injury does not engender championship basketball.

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