Any Interesting Euro Prospects?

With the NCAA tournament starting to clear up its picture, people have, or presumably have, started to get a look at some prospects may have interested them along with watching some interesting basketball. Currently the Bulls hold (from what it looks like) the 19th pick so far in the draft. So far (according to and DraftExpress) James McAdoo, Rudy Gobert, Tim Hardaway Jr., Archie Goodwin, Kentavious Caldwell-Pople and Myck Kabongo (and possibly many others) have been mocked to us in those drafts.

I've noticed slight to no mention, however, of many Euro prospects (other than Rudy, but other than by Will, not much has been said).

If you haven't read doing much looking (or just really don't care) you should take the time to read up about Gobert because his profile and specs do seem interesting. His draft stock has seemed to be fluctuating for one reason or another. He's been ranked as low us the 25th pick and as high (currently) as the 9th pick to the Thunder. If he were to fall to us, I think he would be a very good back-up (and possible future replacement) for Noah. If you get the chance, read THIS scouting report if you don't know who he is or are curious about him as there are some very interesting things about him (i.e. his 7-1 height and 7-9 wingspan).

Another prospect that caught my eye as of late has been Combo Forward, Dario Saric of KK Cibona. He showed out really well at the Nike Hoops Summit filling up the stat sheet with 13 points, 14 boards, and 5 assists in Croatia's win over the USA select team when he was 18. There have been raves about his ceiling and his skill set.

Ben Golliver of SB Nation writes that Saric was one of the Top 5 prospects in Saturday's game: He is a big, tough, quick, strong face-up player forward who could play either the three or a stretch four at the NBA level. His skill level, particularly with the ball in his hands, appears to be NBA-caliber and he has a natural feel for the game when it comes to spacing and timing. He's the latest in a line of European forwards to possess the classic "all-around" versatility we've come to see over the last two decades. He isn't afraid to mix it up or attack off the dribble at full speed either.

Has a unique combination of size and skill. At 6,10 Saric has the skills of a guard including great court vision and passing ability. Has a consistent shot with range out to three point land and a high release point. Plays with great awareness and has an advanced understanding of the game.

Multiple reports have mentioned him as a lottery talent player, but in most mocks I've seen have him going in the mid-20s.

Let's say hypothetically that Deng is traded, and Jimmy's future is at the 2 guard position, a 6-10 combo forward with the same length wingspan that can run as a "point-forward"is pretty enticing, at least to me.

There is an issue with him though. He signed a four year contract with Croatia, but has a buyout following each year that could let him go to the NBA at any time, but the bigger issue is according to Scott Howard-Cooper of, Saric said he will only stay in the 2013 NBA draft if he has a top 10 selection promise.

I don't know if he's still holding steadfast to that statement, or if he would be willing to come around. But maybe he could be enticed to change his mind for the sake of playing for a winner. What do you think?

(As I've said before, I'm not very adept when it comes to scouting NBA prospects yet, so be easy please)

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