Random thought exercise - trade options for early July

This has come up a bit especially in the wake of Rip's disappearance, but the Bulls do have trade options this summer. Kinda.

Rip's contract is guaranteed $1m next year. Everyone reports that the Bulls will waive it, because he sucks right LOL I know. But they can also trade him to another team for a player in the range of Rip's full salary ($5m) and then that team can waive Rip. This would need to be done between the end of the season and July 10th.

Similarly, the Bulls still have $5m trade exception that expires on 7/16. (note: they can't combine the trade exception with Rip -or anyone- to get a bigger deal. They can combine Rip with another player though)

I know, It's crazy to think that the Bulls would actually take on money. And if they did, they'd probably use their exceptions and hard-cap themselves again for fun.

But let's instead assume a world where the Bulls are creative and proactive. Any ~$5m players out there who are:

  1. good enough to crack the rotation, likely a SG or a big
  2. their teams would be willing to throw them away for savings

It's not that easy, especially if you throw in a 3) no salary in 2014. Hopefully that's not a real limitation.

A quick look at Sham's site (for everything here, really) and all I could come up with (and that includes some stretches) is

  • Shannon Brown (1/$3.5m) - completely out of the rotation in Phoenix
  • Jordan Crawford (1/$2.1m) - or if you don't mind long-term money the Celtics would probably be fine with ditching Lee or Terry or Bass.
  • Vince Carter (1/$3.1m) - if Dallas is going for a home-run in free agency
  • Jonas Jerebko (2/$9m) - 2014 alert. And thus Detroit would have to sweeten this pot for the Bulls to take him.
  • Brandon Rush (1/$4m) - coming off ACL surgery. Warriors are weird which makes this an option more than anything.
  • Quincy Pondexter (1/$2.2m) - Figure the Grizzlies already have Ed Davis and Darrell Arthur as backup bigs. Could get Arthur instead, but he's signed through 2014
  • Joel Anthony (2/$7.7m)- just checking you're still reading...
  • Drew Gooden (2/$13m) - likely amnesty candidate, but tough sell from our end
  • JJ Barea ($2/$9.5m) - Better target is Luke Ridnour (1/$4m), figure Minny doesn't need them two plus Shved.
  • Marcus Camby (2/$6m) - 2014 is guaranteed only $1m. Knicks aren't hurting for cash, either.
  • Linas Kleiza (1/$4.6m) - another amnesty candidate, so maybe Toronto would rather hold that for Bargnani
  • Aaron Gray (1/$2.5m) - maybe?
  • Alec Burks (1/$2.2m) - unlikely, but the Jazz seem to not know what to do with him
  • Vesley/Booker/Singleton - all one-year rookie contract kinda-busts in Washington.

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