A Bullsentric NCAA Tournament: Who of this year's Tournament Field would look good in red next year?

The time of year has come where the NBA is briefly overshadowed by its collegiate counterpart. Although, I don’t much care for the college game, and I rarely believe the best team wins the tournament, I still get caught up in the madness. In watching the tournament I can’t help but watch the array of great college players from across the country and try to see who would look good in a Bulls' uniform this time next year. As such I am asking Blogabull for a series of players the Bulls might draft in June, and that I should track during the NCAA tournament.

The Bulls’ roster for next year is (barring trades/amnesty):






The needs for the Bulls will actually not be all that different from the needs of this past off-season. A long-term 2-guard, a back-up center, and perhaps another power forward (depending on whether or not Boozer is amnestied). According to today’s standings the Bulls would be drafting 19th overall, thus the Bulls’ potential draft pick will be in the 15-23 range. Which tournament-bound prospects should the Bulls look into?

According to various Draft projection sites the following players are in the Bull's drafting range at positions of need. I am hoping some posters can add more info about each of these players, as well as provide some additional names the Bulls should be keeping tabs of.

Shooting Guard Prospects:

Archie Goodwin - 6'-5" from Kentucky (FR) Never mind, he is not in the tournament

Jamaal Franklin - 6'-5" from San Diego St (JR)

Rasheed Sulaimon - 6'-4" from Duke (FR)

Victor Oladipo - 6'-5" from Indiana (JR)

Allen Crabbe – 6’-6” from California (JR)

Crabbe is a player I know a lot about as he plays for my college team (though, I am not needlessly pumping him, as I believe he gets down on himself too easily). Crabbe entered college as a shooter, and in his first two years he played the role of spacer very well. He has a quick shot, long arms, and has a good vertical. This year he has become the first offensive option, and expanded his game to include dribble penetration. Crabbe has three main ways to attack a defense, the set three, the one-dribble pull-up, and the two/three dribble floater in the lane. Crabbe is not particularly strong, and struggles finishing in traffic, though It should be noted his field goal percentage increased in spite of moving from 3rd option to 1st. He is also a pretty good rebounder. His negatives include being slow laterally, meaning I question his ability to defend other wings. Crabbe also gets flustered easily and mentally checks out at times. Although I don't necessarily want the Bulls to draft him, I hope he is at least on their draft radar (if he leaves).

Center Prospects:

Kelly Olynyk - 7'-0" from Gonzaga (JR)

Gorqui Dieng - 6'-11" from Louisville (JR)

Jeff Withey - 6'-11" Kansas (SR)

Steven Adams - 7'-0" Pittsburgh (FR)

What say you, who should I track this tournament that may be a potential Bull?

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