What would you do as GM?

With the suspected trade of Luol Deng looming over the end of this season, and the organization nearing the beginning of the alleged 2014 plan, many can't help but speculate the upcoming moves the Front Office will make. Bulls fans everywhere have been desperate for major lineup changes, which begs the question: If you were GM, what would you do for your own personal 2014 plan?

My Take On It:



It's obvious our core is Rose and Noah. Simply said, you're supposed to build around your core and complement the players you already have. To break our core down, essentially you have:

A) An excellent scoring PG that is exceptional at breaking defenses down and getting to the basket. Also good at ball distribution.

B) A monstrous 7 foot defensive post-playmaker.

Naturally, having this core would be excellent for a team with a solid amount of 3 Point Shooters. Having a SG and SF that can shoot the 3 spaces the floor, and allows multiple driving lanes for a PG that excels at getting to the rim. As the defensive rotations shift over to guard Derrick, it leaves our 3 point threats wide open for an easy bucket.

It is often argued that Marco Belinelli will be our SG of the future, but let's also take into account that Jimmy Butler has been improving his shot and can also hit his fair share of 3 pointers. Contrary to popular belief, I believe that unless we can get a star caliber SG, we're pretty set for the future. However the declining production at our SF spot leads me to the next subject: trading Luol Deng.



It's time to move on to young talent. Luol Deng is aging. Although he's getting to the line more this season, his offensive production has been god awful. His defense is still up to par with previous seasons, however he's not the ideal threat to have behind Derrick anymore. Trading him can definitely fetch Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Nicolas Batum, or even Eric Gordon if we sweeten the deal. Sure, letting him walk for cap space is decent, but the promise of a great Free Agent signing is a pipe dream long had by Chicago Bulls fans. Focusing on the now, we have a 24 year old star in Derrick Rose that we’re supposed to build around with younger, more athletic players that can actually make a shot. Take Wilson Chandler for example, he currently rides the bench, playing behind Gallinari, but he's incredibly effective when starting (He dropped 39 on the Thunder for Christ’s sake..), and certainly a person we can get for Luol.

I don’t care if they’re not as good as Luol Deng as of now. Sprinkle Danilo Gallinari with Thibs’ magical defense fairy dust and you get a player that can guard a SG, SF, and PF if he has to, while consistently hitting the 3, something Lu can’t do anymore.


  • Wilson Chandler/Danilo Gallinari (SF/SG) and Kosta Koufos (C) for Lu.
  • Nicolas Batum (SF) and a pick for Lu.
Now for Boozer, instead of waiting for a front office that wouldn't even bother amnestying a minimum contract, we should definitely work to get some draft picks for him. Trade him to a team that has plenty of money to burn and a market not big enough to attract a big free agent. Example: The Houston Rockets, The Nahlans Hornets, maybe even the Phoenix Suns. Let’s be honest, the Hornets are pretty sub-par, and trading Boozer for their first rounder and a deal that expires in 2014 would be a godsend.

Possibility: Carlos Boozer, Bobcat's Pick for the Hornets’ 2014 First Rounder and Robin Lopez

If we can't manage to get the pick, we can always trade for Hump+Brooks, considering the Nets were trying to shop them before the deadline. Then we wait until their deals expire in 2014 and use cap space to sign a decent shooting guard.

And granted we DO get someone like Danilo Gallinari, a consistent scorer and solid "All-Around" player (16.4ppg, 2.5apg, 5.3 rpg), who’s on a long $10 mil a year contract, AND a pick from the Hornets, we’re looking at having a top 10 pick, with a starting caliber SF who can basically guard 3 positions. Add enough money to buy out Nikola Mirotic's contract and sign a decent looking bench (By then Hinrich and Hamilton will be off the books) and the Bulls' championship hopes increase significantly.

The Bulls would be built for the future and we'd have more than enough to win a championship (Keep in mind all of our young players will develop significantly by then).

The Outcome:

Rose/Teague/FA Veteran PG

Top 10 Pick (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope?)/Butler/Belli




(Starters: Rose, Pope, Gallo, Taj, Noah, Bench: Teague/Veteran PG, Belli, Butler, Mirotic, Koufos)

Almost forgot. Let's get rid of this guy and hire a decent medical staff.



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