NBA 2k13 Realistic Slider Set

Here are my 2k13 Sliders. They are to be used with All-Star Difficulty and 12 min. Quarters. They offer what i feel to

be a realistic experience all around. From Stats to Gameplay and animations.

The attributes should be applied to both A.I. and User. I have a theory of compensation in 2k games. If you give either side an advantage, however slight, it creates a weird effect and opens up method of cheesing or just cheesy effects from the game.So whenever you tweak sliders you want to try to adjust for both sides. Its like imagine a bunch of balls colliding. If two ball of equal mass collide at the same speed, it creates a solid link. However, if one ball is of slightly different mass, it will create a bounce effect which can in turn create mayhem in this theoretical space. if that doesnt make sense or something just take it from me, keep it equal...or change it slightly and see what happens...



Explanation: I basically put the weight of jumpers to be what i feel is the truest. Mid-Range shots are most used in the nba, while being the more inefficient shots, they are for most players the easiest shots to hit. They are also, in the game, the easiest shots to truly defend. Close and inside shots are way too easy to get in this game, so i balanced them out by making their success rate a lot more difficult. This limits and1s, same with layups. Guys like rose who have the right Perk can adjust and finish regardless though, which is realistic, kirk hinrich and rondo should be botching layups if there is more than a little defense. And this ensures that.


Driving Contact[100]
Inside Contact[100]

Explanation: This was a cool feature, and it was a bitch to get this to work with everything else. This basically dictates when contact happens, how much, and how it affects the offensive stats.You get a lot of collisions with these, and it really helps create a huge difference when playing a boston celtics team vs a golden state team.


On-Ball Def[88]
Injury Freq.[55]
Injury Sever[50]

Explanation: The meat of all sliders. This is the place that severely affects the animations. Hardest thing was balancing movement. Higher Ball handling attribute makes some cool collision effects, but also made centers like brook lopez move like a sf. I basically got it so that players like rose give you the feeling of flyng down the court, without giving the same luxury to a kirk hinrich, that rose when he goes up for a lyaup will rarely try to just do a straight finish and will instead alter his shot to get the best shot available, and that centers dont move like guards, and guards like rose truly seem quick. It was a pain, but i feel i did well. The hands stat is so damn important in this game...i dont know....i am just proud of the balance i got, and with all those sliders to manage, it took a lot of trial and error.

Tendencies (i will only list the changes)

Take inside Shots [42]
Take Mid Range shots[57]
Attempt Dunks[12]
Attempt PutBacks[60]
Play Passing Lanes[40]
Go For On Ball Steals[65]
Contest Shots[65]

Explanation: Most people dont mess with Tendencies. They impact the individual players tendencies. If you zero out the tendencies, no player will play unique to themselves. If you increase them to 100, they will play like exajerated versions of themselves. So keeping it at 50 is mostly fine. I made some changes to keep the computer (on both sides) from cheezing.Oh the contest shot and stealing ones are pretty important though.



Explanation: Easiest to tweak, I like using the steal button a lot to keep the a.i. at bay, so i dropped the stealing stat low. I still get called for ticky tack reaches though, but sometimes i can get away with murder (not often) so i find it hilariously real. That was kinda my goal. Just to make so that players who attack a lot will get to the line a bit more than others, and players who just settle on jumpers wont get called for much. And overdribblers deserve to get hacked. If you dont like them you can adjust them, but i promise you, you will probably be fine with them.

Once you have that its time to go into the "secret" options, that set the movement.

This option can be reached by going into the "Jersey/Side Select" screen right before you start a game (so in associan mode it will be the next scren after you select to play the game. Once there you press the Y button on xbox (Triangle i believe on ps3) This menu is called Game Options.

Difficulty: I designed and use these sliders in All-Star Difficulty though they should work alright in Superstar As well. Superstar difficulty starts getting pretty cheap in close games (so does all-star but not so much that you want to lose your mind) and H.O.F. is cheap the moment you get a lead. I personally prefer all-star. On the less difficult levels the computer doesnt put up much of a fight, though if you are new to the game have at it. You will dunk more than you want, and shots will fall easier, but the animation and movement should remain the same.

Game style Custom (cuz of the custom sliders)

Game Speed: 50 (if you increase it everything on the court moves faster, mainly the players and the ball. But the clock speed is constant. Decreasing it makes things more floaty, which i personally hate. I keep it at default, but if the game seems too fast or slow adjust it marginally (no more than 3 either way id say) )

Player Speed:62 (Affects the speed of animations. This was a bitch to get right, along with the speed, quickness, and ball handling attributes. I like how everything runs here)

Finally, i wanna say this only works with 12 min quarters. I found out that the quarter length actually affects sliders. Less time allows for more ease of shots, blocks, steals, etc, while longer times do the opposite. The reason i feel is because the 2k guys knew people liked to see stats as close to real life regardless of how long they were playing for, so they made smaller time periods a bit more acradey while still encapsulating a players and teams abilities, and 12 min to be more simulation like doing the same. If you try these sliders on anything other than 12 min quarters you wont get the same experience as i intended with my sliders.

Also as an aside, i like using real ft%. Free throws are too easy to make so if you use real ft% it uses the past seasons stats and stat increases to calculate a ft% and your player will roughly hit that percentage of his fts. I find this to be far more realistic than user controlled fts. I do keep user controlled shots, cuz i mean, whats the point if u dont have user controlled shots. I also like to keep the shot feedbacks on so i know whats impacting my shots (the defense, myself, or my sliders)

Im pretty well versed in the effects of sliders and how to get certain things to happen. So if you guys have questions feel free to ask away. If you are adjusting for a different diffuclty or time just let me know what you are trying to change exactly and i can tell you how to impact it. I feel slider tweaking are kind of subjective so because of difficulty, team, and style of play, you may have to make slight changes yourself. I just implore you all to give my slider sets a good hard try (play an entire half) and see where it sits. In making these i also took account to the many cheezing moves i like to use (and tried to limit them) and the A.I. constantly makes (and tried to limit them). The a.i. still will do cheap stuff in higher difficulties, but the way teh sliders are designed you should be able to keep it to a minimum. One of the things in the game is that both teams are bound to make runs, its just programmed that way.

Have fun, let me know what you guys think...hopefully someone likes them

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