Jerry Reinsdorf Finally Sells Bulls Franchise

The Reinsdorf family is currently "nearing a deal" to finally give up the reigns of the franchise, only to be taken by North Korea's very own, Kim Jong-Un. The front office has allegedly reached a settlement of "approximately $900 million," ESPN reported Tuesday.

Talks for the franchise buyout reportedly engaged immediately after Dennis Rodman's recent trip to North Korea, in which he took to Twitter to express the nation's great love for the sport its recent leader, Kim Jong-Il, both created and pioneered back in 1891.

Recent speculation suggests that Rodman is there to loosen the tension between the USA and North Korea, despite recent nuclear missile tests. However, after multiple examinations by ESPN analysts, the motives have become clear: Rodman is actually serving as an intermediary between the Bulls' FO and North Korea's Basketball Association.

In a recent interview with K.C. Johnson, owner Jerry Reinsdorf stated:

"It's not about the luxury tax. Actually, we made a decision a year ago not to commit long term to the city of Chicago. We explored all our options, and we came up with what fans like to call, "The 2014 Plan," which essentially is, saving up money to build a brand new stadium in the legendary hometown of basketball: Pyongyang, North Korea."

The Bulls Organization has worked extensively with North Korean officials to build a new arena. Numerous blueprints have been drawn up, and construction is "already under way," multiple sources report. The franchise is set to reside in Pyongyang in the year 2014.

(Below: North Korean officials in shock upon seeing new stadium progress)



Naturally, Jong-Un's love for the game spawned after basketball spread to the United States, housing some of the greatest superstars to ever play the game. As an adolescent, the North Korean leader's fascination with the game became somewhat of a lifestyle, as he became almost infatuated with the ongoing Bulls' dynasty. Nikola Kovacevic, a former schoolmate, described him once as "very explosive" and a player that could "make things happen." "He was the playmaker," said Kovacevic in an interview a couple years ago with CBS. "If I wasn't sure I could make a shot, I always knew he could."

Perhaps he is the solution to our offensive struggles?


(Above: Kim Jong-Un's legendary jersey, to be worn later by Dennis Rodman)


Upon hearing the news from Chuck Swirsky in the Bulls locker room after yesterday's game against Philadelphia, many players, including Joakim Noah, were somewhat disgruntled. He mustered up this response in the upcoming press conference.

"You like it? You think North Korea is cool? Man, I never heard anybody say, "I'm going to North Korea on vacation." I mean, what's so good about North Korea?"

We managed to reach star player Derrick Rose, after he recently heard the news about the future of the franchise. He replied with the following statement:

"I have always felt that the Bulls organization's goals have been the same as mine, and that is to bring another championship to North Korea."

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