"To the Hoop! To the Hoop! To the Hoop!" OR "Noah Feasts Like BEAST!" OR "The League with the Golden Scam" (Bulls vs. 76ers)

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Did the basketball gods hear our cries? Did they sense our cosmic and collective disgust? Did someone drug Thibs and “take care” of Rip’s back for us? DID THEY?

Well, “back spasm” (I say that making that largest quotation marks with my hands ever) or clever way to change the starting line-up, save face, and still appear to be a hard a**, Thibs choice was a relief. Marco did what we really need on this team night in and night out……

DRIVE To the Hoop! DRIVE To the Hoop! DRIVE To the Hoop!

(If the “spasms” continue, I might accept it as an early birthday gift.)

Reasons to start Belinelli:

  1. Driving creates good things, and we are a team that simply does not drive enough. Other teams do not prepare for us attacking the rim much.
  2. Better Defense leading to more overall athletic play.
  3. Penetration leads to making babies AND getting to the line (I’m sorry, but really, a penetration joke was required once this season, I just had to wait for us to get some).
  4. Makes tough shots.

His individual play tonight was ok, nothing to write Italy about, but he really did make the starting flow of the game better. Intentional or not, this was a good move.

NOAH FEASTS LIKE BEAST! NOAH with PURPOSE. Hits from the Bong! (Sorry, I got excited)

Here is a “BIG A SS Stat!”

Noah had 23 points, 21 rebounds and a career-high 11 blocks for his third career triple-double. (by the way, I saw some really cool Joakim shirts in the crowd tonight, someone hook a brother up!)

Jo is the emotional leader of this team; he is the real leader of this team. Criticized early on in his career for….well, most everything, but especially his mouth, Jo has become the heart of the Bulls. When he beats the boards, and gets the energy thriving, we are hard to beat. Joakim Noah, with a purpose. Even if he is not 100%, and we know he certainly is not, he has such character and desire to win, and believes in Chicago, he will do what it takes to win.

I really, really dislike listening to national announcers call a game. (There, I toned it down from hate to dislike) They have a sheet in front of them, and they read it. It sounds like this:

“Blah, blah, blah, tornado shot. Blah, blah, blah, is Rose coming back? Blah, blah, blah offensive drought, blah, blah, blah, Luxury Tax.”

And ON, and ON and ON….Jesus it hurts to listen to. Stacey King, Neil Funk, please take over the mic! Or someone with an original thought please apply for a job. Grrr.

I always have loved the Bulls PA announcers. They, or that one or two people, have really helped define such great memories for me. Makes me feel like a kid again. Hearing the team announced still gives me goose bumps.

Lost in the drama surrounding “Reggie Gate” (which provided flack again on a national level, thanks “Run Yer Mouth”) is a segment I like to call: PLAY JIMMY BUTLER MORE!

Play jimmy butler more. (there), I said it. Again.) Great things happened from seeing Jimmy a bit more tonight. So, make it happen more often Thibs. Next year, is now; so play the hell out of Butler, he is part of our future by being part of our now.

Joakim’s BIG 3 point play late in the game started by an assist from WHO?

Jimmy Hustler. That’s who.

Play jimmy butler more.

3rd Quarter Feast. 3rd Quarter Famine. It has been like that from the start of the season for the Bulls. Tonight, the Bulls got off to a great start in the 3rd, and continued to make some shots, so that they not only kept a lead, but also added to it for much of the quarter. A strong 3rd quarter seems necessary for game success and a complete game. Well done Bulls, and more importantly, well done maintaining it in the 4th.

Turner of the 76ers remains on my top 10 “NBA Schwag player List!” Which I will release in its entirety later this season. Boo Turner. Boo.

I loved Thibs advice during a timeout….”Play 12 great minutes.” For some reason I think that was a great thing to say. Focus.

Yes, this team DOES have a small margin for error. It seems like a typical thing to say in sports, but it is true with our team this year. That is why Kirk’s play, level headedness, and control is key in winning. His play of that nature has been the real key to us winning all year. Someone who can play under control, with great court vision, and applies great defense. Scoring is cake. Go Kirk. Go Kirk’s elbow. (They mentioned he is 32, which seems like an old man in this league. Which makes me feel like an old man, at 39. Damn.)

The number 17 is huge with this team. Night in and night out. First to 17. Stats of 17. All that. Mark it dude, 17 is an important number for the Bulls. (like, cosmic man)

Good Game for the Bulls. The hustle was there, and it was contagious.


“The League with the Golden Scam”

The wise old saying goes; “If it smells like sh*t, it’s sh*t.” Simple. Old School. Something we can all understand. But let’s face it; announcers and analysts are paid to spew sh*t. (and it smells.)

“The contracts are too big!” so what

“They are right up against Luxury Tax!”

“Who knows what impact it will have?!@’

“The British are coming! The British are coming!”

and my favorite of all…..

“The 74 MILLION DOLLAR APRON!” The APRON for God’s sakes, the APRON!!!”

Wait, Apron? What were we talking about? Oh yes. It’s a plant. A rube. A distraction. A conspiracy! Aimed at making hoops look under control in regards to the INCONCIEVABLE money involved in the NBA. (Thanks Princess Bride) You hear a TON about salary cap this, and oh lordy salary cap that, but you never talk about the actual amounts of penalties and money involved. And the amounts of penalty money I have read about thus far, is virtually nothing.


You would then generate more money from winning, right? And merch right? The Bulls are worth 800 million dollars, or more. Let that sink in, 800 million dollars. Henny Penny is telling us the NBA sky is falling, and I call Bull-Sh*t. (Pun Intended)

You gots the money.

Oprah would pay. Oprah would pay the Luxury Tax to have a better team. So shut up and pay it…be like Oprah, and please, mouths of the NBA, either level with us, or shut up about all this garbage.

Transparency you say? On the level you say? Cause I smell a deal brokered by the thief and cheat Billy Hunter. S C A M. Be sure of it. The average person saving up to buy one jersey, might just get p issed off at the outrageous amounts of money the NBA is making……and we wouldn’t want that. Sam Smith, someone! Someone prove to me this isn’t sh*t, cause…….

“If it smells like sh*t, it’s sh*t.”

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