Bring back Ben Gordon trade idea

Ok hear me out here folks. A player from the past that can actually play. I'm about to mention a name that has gotten a bad rap here on BAB. BEN GORDON!!!!

I know, I know... But seriously hear me out. The bobcats are in talks right now with the nets for Kris Humphries, while sending Ben Gordon to New York. This would make sense for both teams if Kris was not proving that he was a flash in the pan type player. He has been in the league 8 years, and had two good season. While Ben is having the worst season of his career but still shooting over 40% from 3, and no matter how you look at it, he is having a better season than any guy who is or has started at SG for the bulls this season.

So here...we...go...(please tell me someone got that reference)

Why wouldn't the Bobcats be interested in our very own Carlos Boozer?? Kris Humphries two best seasons of his career 10-11 and 11-12 are on par with some of Boozers' worst seasons of his career. Kris Humphries can hardly crack the starting rotation on a bad team. Plain simple Kris is a bad player being very very over paid, he is a result of Brook Lopez being more of a mid-range shooting C and less of a post player. Where as boozer is what he always has been. a Consistent scorer and solid rebounder, and an even better cheerleader. ;)

As per ESPN trade machine it works

I know straight up it might not work, so lets say the bulls send the cats their pick back, as most of us read that write up on the Cats pick the other day, its really not worth that much to us in the long run. Along with maybe this years 1st round draft pick, this draft is historically weak, and a future protected 1st rounder as well. I dont think we send Mirotic until we see him close up, and I dont think we trade him unless it brings a super star or a fringey superstar back in return. He may be an unknown but I would rather be safe than sorry.

So money wise it works, and possibly draft pick wise it works as well, but team wise does it work?

I think so, The cats get a few drafts picks and a solid scorer at the PF spot, something they sorely need. A great rebounder and a vet who seems to be a great teammate. Also Boozer gets to go somewhere where he gets to be the face of the franchise. They get a player with better PER as well. So player wise its an upgrade for the Cats, because while they lose gordon they get to upgrade over Thomas and Biyombo at the power spot.

As for the bulls, if you look at PER we downgrade. BUT and its a big BUT. Gordon knows the city, is still a very good 3PT shooter, can handle the ball, is a solid defender and can score at will. Working with Thibs could get him to play back to his level he played at when he was here first. He is a true shooting guard who isnt hurt COUGH rip COUGH and he can play the point. With Rose playing like he can, him and Gordon in the back court together could be deadly. I know they played together before. And look at their numbers Rose averaged 16.8 ppg with 6.3 apg, while Gordon averaged 20.7 ppg and 2.7 apg. Yes Gordon has slipped since then, BUT Derrick has gotten a ton better as we all know. So thats a pretty solid back court i think. Also it allows Taj to start so our defense gets a huge upgrade.

HERE IS THE BEST PART. Gordon is making 3 million less per year than Boozer(why I think they would need to send some draft picks to the cats) So this allows Jerry to get lower in the tax and still have some wiggle room to trade for, or sign from the D-league, or play the buy out game after the deadline for a back up PF and a true back up C(maybe trade rip and a pick for this) AAAANNNNDDD!!!! Gordons deal is two years, while Boozer is 3. Thus keeping Gar/PAx's wet dream of the 2014 plan intact. And Jerry will love it because there is no need to amnesty Boozer, thus saving him even more money (EVEN THOUGH HE OWNS ONE OF THE MOST PROFITABLE NBA TEAMS EVER!)

I think this is something the bulls need to jump on. Your Thoughts??

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