The potential for a Gay Boozecruise, revisited.

Introducing some Red Hot Mormon Love into the framework of creating the ultimate Gay Boozecruise:


Raptors get rid of Bargnani. Replace his offensive output with our pal.

Bulls get rid of Boozer. And get a warm body that is alive on the floor to pace Noah a bit.

Utah gets some value at a position of need (PG: grit plus potential) for an expiring contract and also clears out some playing time for Favors & Kanter. You can switch Grit for Rip and the money still works but I would think Utah would prefer them some Grit. We know Utah loves them some white guys under contract. Think about this line up: Grit - Hayward - Starvin' Marvin - Bargnani - Kanter. Shit, we could throw the Stallion in there, switch out Starvin' for Hayward at SF and then you've got an all white line up. It's too good to be true. The Mormons would go wild.

Keep in mind, I've been considering something like this for a while, not just since Jefferson destroyed us last night. The major obstacle I would think would be Toronto & Matabooze's contract. I'm sure it's wishful thinking on my part but it seems to me like Toronto could really put the ball in the hole with a Gay Boozecruise plus DeRossan (that was intentional) & Lowry. The Bulls get a more competent Booze on an expiring deal (you know you love it Jerry) and a warm body that is close to seven feet tall. It's perfect. I'd even consider throwing the Charlotte pick to Toronto to help them swallow a three year ride (well, two and a half) on the Boozecruise. Maybe offer this year's first to Utah to get them to hop on board as well.

Rose - GoodNate - Grit, if around - warm poop.

Rip or Grit - Jimmah (who I would consider adding to the deal if necessary) - Italian Stallion.

Dengerous - Jimmah - warm poop part deux.

Big Gay Al - The Mahal.

Tornado Pistols - The Mahal - Warm Gray body - dump Nazr in the Michigan, please.

I know this will never come to fruition but I like it. And it's my fanpost, so that's all that matters, yo.

Edit: I don't get to hear the wondrous glory that is Stacy every night so please add your favorite potential names that he could come up with for Big Al and Quincy.

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