Woj Tweets: How Bulls can be a part of trade news...

Tonight (2/18), Adrian Wojnarowski went on a twitter fest of the trade rumors/news he has heard. It got me thinking about how the Bulls could be included in these trades to achieve their ultimate goal of being financial champions but still somehow field a quality team. Here are my thoughts on each tweet:

"Three teams that league GM's on phones believe will make significant moves before trade deadline: Atlanta, Milwaukee and Phoenix."

Obviously that means Josh Smith, Brandon Jennings, and Dudley/Gortat. However, bulls could be looking to add a 4th big man from the Bucks or Phoenix. Although Dalembert would be great, his salary is 6.7 million and bulls simply do not have assets to get him. Joel Pryzbilla or Jermaine Oneal both are on a minimum contract and Bulls could likely trade Vlad or Nazr + cash or 2nd round pick.

"Boston's active on several fronts, including discussions on Josh Smith. Brooklyn is solely focused on making a Smith deal"

The fact that Brooklyn is solely focused on a Smith deal is discouraging since there were rumors they may want to pair Boozer back up with Williams. The only way the bulls could get in on this deal as a 3rd team would be if Atlanta preferred Boozer of Humphries.

"Portland still willing to move J.J. Hickson, but hasn't found an appealing offer yet, sources tell Y!"

The Trailblazers have 2 million of Cap space for trades. Maybe they take a Rip + 1st rounder for Hickson just so bulls can get closer to lux tax line. I couldn't see this happening but a Deng + Rip for Batum + Hickson trade straight up works. It would get Bulls totally under cap and set them up with shooting SF for Rose when he comes back. Obviously Deng is likely not going anywhere but its an option.

"Minnesota has been aggressive in offering multiple first-round picks for established talent, league sources tell Y!"

Initially I thought this would be intriguing to send Hamilton (or Boozer) to Minnesota however when looking at roster I have no idea who they would trade to match salaries to make trade work. Minnesota is below Cap and most players are signed beyond this season. only move with Minny would be throwing a bunch of 1st rounders + Boozer to get Love this year.

"Teams trying to trade for J.J. Redick surveying cost to re-sign him in summer. If Bucks move a starting guard, he's a major target for them."

If Bulls can put together a trade for Redick they can not only save on lux tax this year but also it is a win/win for next year. His contract would come off books if they don't resign him but after being a part of Bulls (whom he really wanted to sign with in 2012) he may want to resign. A trade of Hamilton, Belinelli, Teague for Redick would save bulls 1.7 on lux tax line.

Although many of these thoughts are indeed just thoughts. There are ways Bulls could get closer to lux tax while still improving team for this year. If anything I just wanted to post all of Woj's tweets so we can converse about them...can't wait for craziness in two days!!! Go Bulls.

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