Semi-Seriously, the Bulls need to ask for Kobe Bryant

Yes, this is far-fetched, but when I look at the various "plans" the Bulls seem to be considering, they all seem sucky or impractical. I say go big or go him.

I think the time is right to suggest to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers that now is the time for an amicable separation. If you boil the Lakers mess down to its essentials, they appear to be that:

1. The only guy left in LA that Kobe liked and respected is probably Jerry Buss. Who's in the ICU with cancer and who has turned things over to people that Kobe does not like or respect.

2. Kobe wants to be in the playoffs chasing titles in the last two years of his career, and it's obvious it won't be in LA.

3. The Lakers look like they've got to choose between Dwight Howard, who's 26, and Kobe, who's 34. I don' t think that's any kind of choice at all from a long-term perspective. If Kobe is around, I think Dwight leaves, and the Lakers can't afford to let that happen.

4. The Bulls have made the pitch to Kobe before, and it was not a bad pitch apparently. All the things that were factors in the Bulls favor then would still be factors now. Plus Derrick Rose.

5. Because of Kobe's no-trade clause, he can very much call his shots on where he'd like to go there's going to be a trade.

6. Because Carlos Boozer is apparently chummy with Dwight Howard and the Lakers need to do what they can to keep him, they may be one of the few teams that would even consider accepting him.

7. Because our other options all suck worse than giving Derrick Rose + Kobe Bryant + Noah a shot in the playoffs this year and next.

Bulls trade Deng, Boozer Rip

Lakers trade Kobe, Jaimison

1- Rose, Hinrich, Nate

2- Kobe, Beli

3- Butler

4- Taj, Jamison

5- Noah

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