Trade Idea ( Mavericks, Bulls, Lakers)

Bulls Get: Dirk Norwitzki
Get: Dwight Howard ( Extension Signed) Meta World Peace Jordan Hill Rip Hamilton Minimum level player from Bulls
Lakers Get: Carlos Boozer Vince Carter O.J Mayo Chris Kamen 3 First Round Draft Picks (Bulls, Mavericks 2013)( Charlotte Pick)

Bulls: Get the stretch 4 in Dirk. He is great and comes off the books in 2014. Also, we get rid of Boozer

Mavericks: They get a huge talent in Howard. They do have to eat more money than my original trade but still are able to pay somebody next year 11-13 million next year to come and support Howard. This could be Josh Smith ( Howards good buddy). Building around Dirk at the age of 35 does not makes sense. Now they get a foundation piece. I know Cuban said he would not trade Dirk but his mind could change with getting a top 5 talent back.

Lakers: The lakers get a ton more depth while receive a quality draft picks. Mavericks pick is likely going to between 10-15 pick and Bulls will be a later rounder this year. Throw in the Charlotte pick in the future, the picks are valuable for a team that needs youth. They get more athletic on the wings with the addition of both Carter and Mayo. Gasol moves back to his more natural position at center. They acquire a quality big who can start now and come off the bench when Gasol gets back in Kamen. Boozer would be great with D'Anotonio's system as they both feel defense is not necessary in order to win a basketball game. Overall, this adds a depth to a team that was very top heavy. Starting five still is Nash,Mayo,Bryant,Boozer and Gasol. Adding further depth with Kamen,Clark,and Carter now coming off the bench. This team is far better going further. The Lakers do add about 3 million but they are the Lakers. Also, they get rid of Meta World Peace who is now garbage but making about 8.5 million a year for the next year and half.

Might I add that you can makes this trade WORK if Dallas consumes minimum level players from the Bulls. Please tell me who would not do this deal.

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