How we'll win a NBA Championship in the next 2-3 years!!!!!

Amnesty Boozer - Taj Gibson is Ready

The main reason why it was so difficult to amnesty boozer is because we didn't have anyone to match his production. The dilemma with staring Taj over Boozer is you substitute defense for offense. One of our main issues was scoring, especially with Derrick Rose missing last season so it made no sense to start Taj over Boozer. Taj has fully developed a low post presence this season. Taj developing a consistent post up game will allow Taj to finally start at PF next season. We can now amnesty Boozer and feel comfortable with his replacement production wise and salary wise.

Resign Luol Deng

Anyone who thinks we shouldn't resign Deng is CRAZY!!!! Deng is very very very important to the Bulls finally becoming NBA Champions. Deng is a 6'9 forward who can defend 3-4 positions and guard them very well. By letting Deng walk as a free agent we're assuming Jimmy Butler can step into his position and produce just as well as Deng. Maybe he can, but at what cost. Starting Deng and Butler gives us an advantage against most teams. Having a 6'9 forward and a 6'7 SG is a nightmare to matchup with for most teams. For the teams with big guards and forwards, i.e Indiana Pacers we match up very well with them and neutralizes one of their strengths of having a big lineup. Rose missing due to injury has allowed to Luol to finally find his offensive game. Deng has always relied on his cutting ability and hitting open jumpers to score points. Derrick Rose missing due to injury has allowed Deng to work on his offensive game and its definitely improved. Deng can now post up smaller defenders, hit step back jumpers, face his man up and attack, shoot 3's and take his man off the dribble. The most important thing is that he can now create his own shot and he feels comfortable taking big shots and he's confident he'll make them. He's not the fastest player but he uses his length, good footwork and his experience to his advantage. Giving him a contract offer for 4 years 40-45 million is more than necessary.

Nikola Mirotic

If he's everything that we've heard about and wish for than he'll be a big reason why we win a NBA Championship. Mirotic allows us to amnesty Boozer. By bringing over Mirotic we can now start Taj Gibson. Starting Taj allows the bulls to have their best 5 players on the court to start. Bringing over Mirotic also keeps us with the advantage of having a strong 2nd unit. The scouting report on Mirotic is that he's a scorer with a great shot. Having a 6'10 PF who reminds some of Dirk is great for us.

2014 NBA Draft

The last few years in the draft has been great for the bulls. With the draft being a heavy loaded draft, I see no reason the bulls won't find a great piece to add to the team. If charlotte continues to play well this season its possible we'll acquire their pick this season. If the bulls can find a young dynamic point guard then we'll be great. I have no doubt rose will return to greatness but just incase its time the bulls draft a pg. Drafting a dynamic PG provides insurance for Rose, pushes Teague to develop his game or risk being the 3rd pg or traded/cut and also strengthens our overall team. If we're lucky and receive charlottes pick then it's possible we find a PG and a nice backup Center for Noah. We could also simply draft the best player available.

Future Lineup

PG Derrick Rose\ Kirk Hinrich \ Rookie

SG Jimmy Butler\ Tony Snell

SF Luol Deng\ Mike Dunleavy

PF Taj Gibson \ Nikola Mirotic

Center Joakim Noah \ Rookie \ Nazr Mohammed

The Bulls future is bright. Not only is our team still young but we're steady adding younger talent. We're one of the few teams in the league that is positioned for the present and future. Our core team will be signed for the next 3-5 years by resigning Deng. Financially we're in great position. Amnestying Boozer allows us to resign Deng and bring over Mirotic without losing production. By having so much young talent and steady adding more younger talent, we're in position to resign our players when their due for an extension. When Butler is due we can allow Hinrich and Dunleavy to leave and pay Butler, Deng contract will be up when Snell is due for an extension and we can pay Snell. Taj has three years, Noah has two years so we can resign Mirotic when it's time. Taj and Noah may take less to resign with the bulls once their contract is up due the team chemistry and their history and love for the bulls. Point is the way our team is built we're setup to compete for and win at least 2 NBA Championships in the next 3-5 Years.

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