Trade Idea with ATL

I've flat out ignored any trade rumor or idea involving Joakim Noah, one of my all-time favorite Bulls. But this rumor about Lin/Deng/Asik with the Rockets and Hawks got me thinking. Would I be willing to trade Noah for Horford. Several years ago this was a no brainer, as Horford looked to be one of the best bigs in the league. But now, Noah is also one of the best bigs in the league, and even with his own injuries here and there, he has been more durable than Horford, who is out for 4 months again with the same pectoral injury as 2011, only the other pec.


Bulls: Al Horford, Elton Brand, and Kyle Korver (or Lou Williams and their 2014 pick, probably 20ish)

Hawks: Joakim Noah and Luol Deng

Why the Bulls do it: We tank as Nazr and Taj hold down the Center position and we have basically a season without our two best players, Rose and Horford. Then next year, with our 5-10 pick and Charlotte's 16-20 pick, we have a really nice team. And Thibs would never do it, but in fantasy world, it would be tons of fun to give Augustin/Snell/Korver/MDJ/Mirotic some run and see how many threes they could make/jack-up in the 5 minutes of play they would get. They would get scored on for sure, but you can't guard that many three point shooters. Next years roster.

Rose/Hinrich/Augustin/ #16-20 pick (I want someone better than Kirk as Rose insurance)




Horford/ #5-10 pick

Why Atlanta does it: They are cruising to a #3 spot in the East, though eventually, they would have to get through Indiana AND the Heat, in some order, to get to the finals. But stranger things have happened already this year. Rose went down, Kobe, Westbrook, Lopez, Horford... Wade or Lebron could go down just in time for the playoffs. And then you have a chance to get straight through to the ECF and then, who knows. If you have a shot in this league, you should probably take it. So they immediately restock with two really good players. And you shore up your team for a playoff run. And ATL has proven they aren't afraid to spend (Joe Johnson, Six years, $119 million!), so they could then resign Deng (4 for $48 mil), to keep a really good nucleus there, which is what they have always tried to do, whether or not it's a good strategy. This years roster looks pretty good and next year, you get a great pick (#1-7 pick from the Nets) in a great draft to move into the starting lineup at shooting guard and a late 1st rounder for backup Center. Or, keep Korver for this years run and send your #20 pick to the Bulls.

Teague (The good brother)/Shelvin Mack/Dennis Schroder

Lou Williams/John Jenkins

Luol Deng/DeMarre Carroll/Cartier Martin

Paul Millsap/Gustavo Ayon

Joakim Noah/Pero Antic

If it were up to me, I would do this deal if I could not work out a deal with Deng. I'm still predisposed to keep the team intact and switch Mirotic for Boozer, while adding a couple draft picks from a good draft. But, if the Bulls cannot seem to work out a deal with Deng, this works out for everybody.

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