Real Madrid not going down without a fight for Niiiiikolaaa?

I just saw a reference on about Real Madrid working on a contract extension for Mirotic. Here is some translated text from the article:

Real Madrid works on Mirotic's contract extension

The temporadón Nikola Mirotic, the most valuable player of the Endesa League (tied with 20.5 Sekulic in the first place) and also the most valued Euroleague (20.5), is not going unnoticed in the offices of Shell Espina.

Real Madrid, conscious of the appreciation in the market for his young power forward 22 years and 2.08 m., Machinery has already started to try to renew at Podgorica, that contract ends in 2016 .

The Whites started the first contacts, which has continued in recent weeks, at the start of the season.

The growing interest of the Bulls for the player, who has a clause out of 2.5 million who could face in its entirety franchise Chicago (from $ 600,000 disbursed spending affects their salary cap), could change rhythms of trading.

From the United States as a means of prestige and ESPN reported that the Bulls are willing to throw the house out the window for Mirotic .

Meanwhile Chicago pampers the player, who was selected in the 2011 Draft, they meet with him in Madrid to worry about your progress day by day.

I had to laugh at one of the translated comments:

He is very young and the Bulls are a black hole where you will not harvest more than defeats. Best win titles and incidentally expect their rights to go to a winning team or the Bulls stop being a black hole.

I didn't give much thought to the fact that Real might fight to keep Mirotic (duh). So, even if he is locked into only playing in the NBA for the Bulls, there will be some leverage for him in the negotiations.

It is a strange situation, though it could be said that the Bulls struggle's might guarantee a little more playing time up for him right off the bat. The cloud hanging over this just got a little darker.

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