Bulls rebuilding effort

As my first post I would like to share my step by step guide to the Bulls rebuilding towards contention next year. I think that with this plan, both the short term as well as the long term are taken care of.

The first part of the plan is: Tank this season. This doesn’t mean that they have to lose on purpose but just put themselves in a position where they can have a top 5 or top 6 pick from this years great draft. They can give more playing time to the young players so they will develop and by trading Deng (more on this later) the Bulls will drop in the standings.

In this draft, I am very high on either Dante Exum or Zach Lavine as potential backcourt partners for Rose. They can handle the ball, distribute and have good athleticism. I think at least one of them should be available with the Bulls own pick.

Then, with the Bobcats pick (assumed to be in the range of 11-18) they should just go BPA in order to strengthen the second unit. Maybe someone like James Young, Dario Saric or Aaron Gordon would be available in this range. These all seem like great options at SF to me.

The second part of the plan is: Create some flexibility when it comes to cap space in order to rebuild the roster.

The good thing is that tanking this year and creating cap space can go hand in hand by:

- Using the amnesty clause on Carlos Boozer (in order to sign Mirotic)

- Trade or don’t resign Luol Deng (in order to sign a big man since this draft doesn’t seem to have many good ones)

I don’t want to go through all possible Deng trade ideas but the main idea is to either shed enough salary to sign a big man in the summer or trade for one. Players like Gortat/Okafor/Hill are all free agents this summer. I don’t know about their current salary’s and the complete state of the Bulls financial situation but it might be feasible to sign one of them.

Now, as a kind of disclaimer, the success of this plan depends on two important assumptions:

- Rose is coming back next year fully healthy

- Mirotic comes over from Madrid and is playing like you can realistically expect from him

As anyone would agree, without these two it will not be possible to win a title. Following my ideas, the squad next year would look like this:

PG: Rose, Teague, Hinrich

SG: (Exum/Lavine) , Snell

SF: Butler, Dunleavy, (Young/Saric/Gordon)

PF: (Mirotic), Gibson, Murhpy

C: Noah, Mohammed, (Gortat/Okafor/Hill)

In brackets I’ve added the new players on which this plan would be built. Tell me guys, what do you think?

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