Trade Proposal: Trade to the Suns

Derrick Rose is hurt again and the Bulls may be inclined to retool their roster. They may not though. In the event they do, I think the following trade would go along with the two goals of each respective team and make sense from a salary cap perspective.

Suns: Dragic+ Tucker

Bulls: Deng+ Teague+ Bobcats 1st round pick

That 1st round pick is valuable. Here are the terms:

Chicago Bulls: Receives Charlotte’s 2014 first-round pick (1-10 protected in 2014, 1-8 in 2015, unprotected in 2016) via Tyrus Thomas trade on 2/18/10.


Chicago: $14,275,000 ( Deng's salary- expiring contract) + $1,074,720 (Teague, rookie contract)= $15,349,720

Suns: $7,500,000+ $884,293= $8,384,293

Suns cap room: $6.2 million

Bulls over the cap: Tax team (~$11,945,749)

Immediate cap relief for bulls would be about 7 million dollars this year but additional commitment beyond this year for Dragic.

****Salary and cap information from Hoopsworld (Suns and Bulls here)



Bulls will get a huge boost in scoring and guard play for this year and the future. Dragic is a traditional PG but can also be used as a combo guard (at 6'3) as he is currently being used in Phoenix with Eric Bledsoe. This would create a starting backcourt for the future of Rose-Dragic-Butler. It will give Bulls a playmaker this year to fill in for Rose and one for next year to take the pressure off of Rose. It will give immediate cap relief this year but long term commitment to Dragic on a good contract. Dragic is a good defender and would not be a weak link unless he has to go against the towering SGs in the league. With the Eastern Conference being weak, it will give the Bulls an immediate chance to compete for a good seed in the East. Bulls will also get PJ Tucker who will replace Deng at the SF position. He fills a similar role as a good perimeter defender. He has a good corner 3 but not the same defender or scorer that Deng is. However, his salary makes him a steal.

For the Suns, it would obviously be a huge loss to trade Dragic but they will get a developmental prospect in Teague and a valuable first round pick in return. It will allow Bledsoe to take control of sole possession of the PG role for the foreseeable future. This would open up playing time for Gerald Green and Archie Goodwin who have played well. It would also give the Suns an option to play Teague over Ish Smith if they feel inclined to. An adverse outcome for the Suns is that they lose a valuable leader in Dragic, a fan-favorite and leverage in negotiations with Eric Bledsoe this summer. Suns will also gain additional cap flexibility after this year when Deng and Okafor come off the books. However, they will also move over the cap by about 1 million dollars this year.

This post is also on Bright side of the Sun for Suns fans input here.

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