Trade Idea: Bulls/Houston/Portland

There was a lot of talk in the big thread (mostly from one person I think) speculating that the Rockets would want Carlos Boozer. I don't think they'd want him at all, I don't care who Dwight Howard's buddies are. They need defense on that roster and thus they'd want Taj Gibson.

So here's the deal, you'll have to trust the #s because the Trade Machine doesn't work with some of these guys until 12/15

Houston: Taj Gibson, Kirk Hinrich

Portland: Omer Asik (obvious win for them, they're good and only hole is center)

Bulls receive:

  1. Terrence Jones: I don't know much about him, but Ricky likes him. Jones already won the starting job there and has a 19 PER. 22 years old and on a rookie contract. Sounds good to me.

  2. Cheap contract platter o' crud: not even expiring because that's just not available. Talking some combination of 2-year deals like Thomas Robinson, Joel Freeland / Meyers Leonard, Victor Claver, minimum player like Barton or Crabbe. Just assuming that Portland's rotation+McCollum is off the table.

  3. Aaron Brooks from Houston, who can run around and chuck shots to save us from 48 minutes of Teague

  4. maybe a pick? Portland owes a first-rounder to Charlotte, and they'd be the candidate to give one up in this scenario. Houston has their first but if you want that pick you're probably going to expect a downgrade from Jones to someone like Motiejunas. So, probably not a pick.

Bulls would be saving $4-5m in tax this season, kind of salary-neutral for 2014-15, but 15-16 save the difference between Taj's $8m and whoever is left from this deal (maybe only Jones at $2.5m). A Deng deal could then potentially get them under, and they're not losing so much that it drives Thibs bananas or anything (which is a concern to me).

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