How to tank if the Bulls are going to tank

I actually made these posts on one of those stupid SBNation story stream threads that immediately go off the page and are hard to find, so I thought I'd remake them here.

1. Getting under the tax line this year isn't very feasible. The Bulls have $80M in salary commitments and the tax line is $71.75

So they are about $8.25M over the line.

That’s how much they need to shed. And unlike last year, when there were several teams under the tax by a lot, or whom had trade exceptions, I don’t think there’s much in the way of that this year.

So basically, there’s not a lot in the way of good options. If they were so concerned about it, they should have sucked it up and used the Teague pick to move Rip last summer and gotten under the tax. They obviously had no big plans for the pick anyway, it would have been done and no longer a concern.

2. Thoughts on trading Deng

I don’t think we get a quality first for Deng simply because of his expiring contract. The best we can hope for is a team wanting him that:
a) has a hole at SF.
b) has pretensions of contending
c) has players on rookie contracts that aren’t immediately helping them.

The best I can figure is Minnesota. They don’t have obviously good SF options, and while I don’t think a team will give up on big future pick, they might give up on a recent pick (a la Mohammed or Dieng, or Anthony Bennett) if they realize the guy is far away and they see the need for a guy like Deng now. Draft picks are more valuable to teams in the abstract than they are as specific players who aren’t doing as well as hoped.

Trade options:
1. Deng to Minnesota for choice of D.Williams, C.Brewer or Chase Budinger, Shved, Mohammad, Dieng. This seems reasonable to me for both teams. We shed nearly $3M in team salary this year, and get a flier on a variety of intriguing players who haven’t quite panned out yet. I think given that Deng will lock don’t the 3 spot, it’s a certainty we’d be taking back Brewer or Budinger. I’d prefer Budinger because he’s a shooter and because he’ll miss time anyway this year, which will better our draft position.

2. Deng to Cavs for Bennett, Gee, Zeller. This makes sense on paper, but, honestly, I think Bennett and Zeller both pretty awful players that I don’t think are going to be successful in the NBA. Saves about $4M in team salary this year though, and Bennett… well, I could always be wrong. He has NBA shooting ability.

3. Deng to Suns for…. ? They’re $6M under the cap though.

3. Thoughts on trading Boozer

1. I don’t see why the Bobcats would trade for Boozer after signing Al Jefferson, who’s basically a very similar player who wouldn’t work well with Carlos.

2. The Knicks are desperate for a big man and don’t care about money. The Celtics are willing to take Amare if the Knicks take on G. Wallace and probably another of their bad deals (Courtney Lee?) and have a big on an expiring contract to throw back our way in Humphries.
Bulls trade Boozer, Bulls get Humphries and either Shumpert or Hardaway Jr. That’ll actually save the Bulls another $1.6M in LT this year.

4. Thoughts on getting under the luxury tax. It's unlikely but...

Combine the trades of Deng to TWolves and Boozer to Knicks and you’ve saved about $4.5M against the luxury tax. That means we have about $3.5M to go.

Trade Mike Dunleavy and Eric Murphy to a team that could use shooting with a trade exception (OKC, GSW, Boston) or under the tax (Phoenix).

The end result should be the Bulls just under the tax with the following roster
1- Hinrich, Shved, Teague, James (Rose)
2- Shabazz, Hardaway (Shved, Hinrich, Snell, Butler can play here too)
3- Butler, Snell (Budinger), (Shabazz can play here too)
4- Taj, Humphries
5- Noah, Nazr, Dieng

Next year we have plenty of space to bring over Mirotic, and we hope out of the various misfit toys we’ve acquired at the swing spots, one of them works out.

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