Bulls tanking trade ideas

With Rose out, we need to decide to tank for a good lotto pick, or somehow replay last season's strategy where we make playoffs and Rose comes back at MVP form to take us to the title.

The latter is like touching a hot stove a second time... You got burned the first time so you should know better.

Houston would be the ideal location for Boozer, but they don't have the contracts to satisfy the CBA without including Lin. I don't think they want to give up Asik, who has a market for some reason, and their starting PG for Boozer.

But how about Boozer to Charlotte for Ben Gordon? We would reunite our Skiles era back court and we get a guy who can do what our other players can't - score. Gordon is a bit gimpy, but who cares? The idea is to lose and get a good pick in a deep and quality draft. BG gas an expiring contract, so we'd have room to woo Mirotic.

How about Noah to Portland for Myers Leonard, CJ McCullom, and Thomas Robinson? Portland is in win now mode (something the Bulls never seem to be in). We'd be getting back three lottery pick from drafts 2012 or later. CJ has a broken foot so he's not going to play and help us win games. But maybe he has the p-p-potential to pull a Blake Griffin and be a star his sophomore season after sitting out his rookie season. Leonard could be Asik with actual basketball skills after Thibs screams at him from the sidelines for a season. TRob was 5th pick but never was in a situation to get real burn. Worth a look.

How about Noah and Boozer to the Heat for Christina Bosh and Jo El Anthony? I bet they won't say, "ha ha ha, no."

Deng is an All Star. Yet I bet there is little interest in him for trade. He'll be a UFA after the season, so someone is giving up $15M worth of players and/or cap to rent him. We wouldn't trade for DHoward under the same circumstances, remember? Anyhow, a season of 5-18 shooting nights won't help his asking price. He will be worth a lot to us, and he's like a pacifier for Thibs.

Keep and play Hinrich. He sucks, so we're likely to lose with him. We want to play guys that help us lose. He's an expiring $4M deal, too.

Dunleavy can make some 3pt shots. He's a shooter, not a scorer though. And he'll escort his man to the basket frequently enough to help us lose.

Play the young guys. Let's see what Teague and Snell can do. If they're too good, cut their minutes.

In the end, we have an outside chance Rose comes back to good enough form. We have CJ who was talked about like a legit ROY candidate. We have a really young but tall and athletic C to train. We have Jimmy and Deng and Taj and Dunleavy. We also have a lotto pick. We gave Charlotte's protected pick and Mirotic. We'd be under the cap, too.

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