Derrick Rose (non) foul-calls from Denver Game

Warning, the following may not be suitable for younger audiences

These images have been rated TV14-FV (fantasy violence…it must be fantasy because no fouls were called)

Alright, here Faried is in the "take a charge position", but he is nowhere near square to Rose. This is already a foul and an easy call. However…

He actually then extends his arms and puts both hands on Rose’s hip and arms. Rose made a tricky fadeaway floater by the way. Should have been an And-1.

Umm, ya. Do I even need to say anything? What, did Miller want to fly with Rose so he was hanging on to his shoulder? Unless Hinrich is blocking the refs view, he has the perfect angle. Blow the damn whistle!

Umm, so the Nuggs get a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 special on this drive depending on how you view it. Nate has Rose’s arm. Miller (?) might also have a piece in there. But wait…there’s more!

Same drive. I see one of Mozgov’s (?) arms, but I don’t see the other one. I am pretty sure it is pushing Rose in the chest as Rose bounces a bit after this one and missed badly. Really, none of those guys fouled him?

Here, the refs have clearly said it’s ok to rake your arm across another guy’s body when he beats you.

This is the one that continually pisses me off. You can’t just put your hands down in the take charge position and then ride someone with your body. Rose beat him. He should get the call.

I know I’m a bit compulsive. Homerism aside, some of these are very borderline, I get that. However, there are a good three in here that just have to be called. You tell me guys. WTF is going on?

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