Et tu, Omer?

Okay, so its no secret that Omer Asik no longer wants to be a Rocket. In spite of what Sam Smith may say, it is more common than not that when a player is publicly linked to a trade request (followed by DNPs), they are usually on the way out. Omer was one of my favorite Bulls on that 2011 team. I love his game and I like the way that he comports himself. As such, I wish him the best and would like to see him in a good situation on a winning team.

The purpose of this fanpost is to brainstorm potential landing spots for Omer. I am basically assuming that due to his (relatively) advanced age, he is probably going to be traded team that wants to win now and is need of a center. This is because I see him as a kind of missing piece for a contender more than a building block. Also note that, while Omer has an 8 million dollar cap hit for the next 2 seasons, he will be receiving 5 million this season and 15 next season (roughly) due to the poison pill provision. This helps with the cap mechanics but diminishes his value slightly.

Without further ado....

Houston Rockets get Kendrick Perkins and Steven Adams - OKC gets Omer Asik.

Perkins is one of the worst starters in basketball. OKC could stand a better defensive presence. Omer fits well since Ibaka has really become a pretty good floor spacer and they really would make for a good defensive tandem given Omer's superior placement and Ibaka's otherworldly athleticism. The price of admission is Steven Adams or the Dallas pick (top 20 protected this season) but, otherwise, I think this is a good trade for both sides since Houston gets a reasonable backup and an asset for the big Turk.

Houston gets Shawn Marion and Jae Crowder - Dallas gets Omer Asik.

Both of these are made less likely since trading in conference is usually considered a faux pas (except for James Harden???). That said, how good would Omer be on Dallas? This is the next best thing and possibly superior to the Chandler-Dirk front court from 2011. These are very complementary players. Further, I actually like the idea of Marion playing the 4 for Houston. I have always liked his game and think that he could easily carve out a role on that team. This would probably require Dallas' #1 pick in 2016 and maybe a little something extra but I think that its doable.

Houston gets Chris Bosh - Miami gets Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin.

Obviously, this will never happen. That said, wouldn't this actually make both teams better? Food for thought...

Alright gang. Cleveland the New Orleans are also pretty decent landing spots for the big man. I also refrained from engineering a Boozer for Asik trade out of respect for truth. Throw out your suggestions. +10 BaB points for a winner.

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