Sizing up Bulls vs. Nets

[lifted from the comments, of course. I sandwiched in the replies because I have nothing else to do with my life -yfbb]

Juiceboxjerry: So I was watching a bit of the Nets-Heat game last night (Nets looked pretty good, minus DWill) and it got me to thinking about how the Bulls stack up to the Nets roster-wise. I came to the conclusion that, going position by position, I mostly favored the Bulls.

Nets are deeper overall tho, imo. Kirk v. Livingston = Kirk (for as much shit as I give Kirk, I’d still take him over Livingston, who is ok I guess, but nothing special) Kirilenko v. Dunleavy = Kirilenko. Taj v. Blatche = Taj (Blatche is improved, but I’d still take Taj). Nazr v. Evans = Whatever (Naz, I guess?) It should also be noted that the Nets have Terry, who should play some, but he was pretty much garbage last year, and it seemed silly to pit him up against Snell or whomever.

Then if you want to add coaching to the equation, Thibs obviously blows Kidd out of the water.

For the starters I have the Bulls winning 3 of the 5 matchups, with 1 being a toss-up. I only bring this up because I was trying to figure out if I was just being a homer, and I was curious what others on here think. How do you think the two teams compare?

Deron v. Rose = Rose

DRose01: Rose, and it’s not even close. Rose has pretty much destroyed D-Will in head to head matchups. At full strength, this one is easy.

JBJ: JJ v. Butler = Jimmy (This is admittedly a tough one, but I went with Jimmy because of the overall game)

DRose01: I’m not so quick on this one. I think it’s pretty much a wash. Johnson still looks pretty good defensively to me so he should be able to shut Jimmy down. That said, Jimmy should be able to reciprocate. Johnson could go off once or twice, but overall this should be a good matchup.

JBJ: Pierce v. Lu = Lu (Also tough, but I went with Lu mostly because he’s destroyed Pierce head to head for about two years now.)

DRose01: I am losing a lot of love for Deng on the offensive side of the ball. He looked horrible most of last year, which I attributed to Rose being out, but he has taken some awful shots in the preseason. That said if he can knock down open jumpers and take a few less moronic shots, he’ll be ok. I like Pierce alot, but he is damn slow and Deng’s length has really hurt Pierce. Here is their head to head. Sure, Pierce scores more, but at what cost? He shoots 41% (only 33% from 3pt range) against Deng. I’d give the edge to Deng as well.

JBJ: Boozer v. KG = KG (KG is old and creaky, but he still gets the nod.)

DRose01: Taj v. Garnett is what I would compare. This one is closer, but I give a slight edge to Garnett…unless Taj keeps his preseason form well into the season, then I’ll go Taj.

JBJ: Noah v. Brook = Toss up (This may be blasphemous to some, but I was really impressed with Lopez last year. Particularly defensively.)

DRose01: I was impressed by Lopez too. Noah has struggled with this matchup. It could very well be a wash. I will still give the edge to Noah for one reason: Game 7. This was an injured Noah by the way. He said

we’re going to go into a hostile environment in Brooklyn, and we’re going to win.


He was injured, guaranteed a victory, and in both team’s biggest game of the season Noah scored 24 points on 12 of 17 shooting, grabbed 14 rebounds, blocked 6 shots, and threw in a steal and 2 assists with only a single turnover. Lopez did put un 21 points, but on 9 for 20. My point is simple: when motivated and fully healthy, I think Noah could shit all over Lopez and send Lopez home crying and having nightmares about that matchup. Health is a concern, but I gotta give the edge to Noah.

The Bulls will certainly need all hands on deck for any games against the Nets, but they have one huge advantage: speed. If you take their top 5 against ours (Taj instead of Boozer) we are faster at every position. I think the Bulls can run like crazy on the Nets. It’ll be a good matchup, but I just don’t have alot of fear.

JBJ: I totally agree on the speed thing. And although I wouldn’t exactly call our team "athletic" relative to the super athletic teams in the league, I do think we have a pretty big advantage over the Nets in that regard.

I know it’s only preseason, but the Nets looked pretty sharp last night. Have to say I’m somewhat concerned. The East playoffs are gonna be crazy.

Also, I have this feeling the Heat aren’t a lock for a top 2 seed.

DRose01: I definitely agree with things being crazy in the East. I don't think the Bulls are a lock for a top 4 seed either. The Heat, Nets, Pacers, Knicks, and of course Bulls are all going to win a bunch of games. While I think the Bulls would beat nearly all of those teams in a 7 game series, they still could very easily win more games than the Bulls. I think it will come down to health. All of those teams (maybe sans the Knicks) have big concerns in that area (Wade for Heat, Garnett and Pierce for the Nets, Granger for the Pacers, Noah and Rose for Bulls). That's likely what it will come down to.

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