Minor Trade ideas to bolster the Bulls front court depth

I would say it's a safe bet that the Bulls are performing beyond any of our expectations going into this season and we should be instilled with some confidence that this year's team should be able to make some noise in the playoffs (especially with a healthy D-Rose back in the line-up).

However, Boozer's hamstring injury sheds light on one of the major weaknesses of this team, and that's frontcourt depth. We we're spoiled the last two years to get quality production out of now departed back-ups Omer Asik and Kurt Thomas, who we're essentially replaced by Nazr Mohammed and Vlad Radmonivich.

Besides their cheap contracts, Nazr and Vlad don't really bring a whole lot of value to this years team (at least on the court), so here's a couple minor trade ideas that would hopefully shore up the frontcourt for a few years and help us get better, without hurting any of the Org's beloved "flexibility".

Trade Idea 1 Bulls trade Teague, Mohammed, and Radmonivich, our 2013 1st round pick and the 2016 Bobcats pick to Phoenix for Markieff Morris and Luke Zeller.

We gain a young athletic big, and an emergency big/6 fouls to use to bolster out bench, and perhaps Morris becomes Boozer's replacement or Taj's back-up if Taj is promoted to starting PF.

The Suns get an extra 1st round pick this year and possibly a lottery pick in 2016 to rebuild with and a decent prospect in Teague who could be developed into a solid back-up to Dragic and a cheaper alternative to Telfair who could leave after this season.

Trade Idea 2 Bulls trade Teague and Mohammed plus 2013 first rounder and 2016 Bobcats Pick to Cleveland for Tyler Zeller.

Bulls get a young athletic 7 footer to back-up Noah and possibly move into the starting line-up when Boozer departs.

The Cavs get draft picks to continue rebuilding with plus Teague could be developed into a solid back-up to Irving.

I know both trades require the other team to give up young talent, but they'd be getting draft picks and young talent (albeit lesser at this stage) in return. Plus neither Morris or Zeller are franchise type players so you aren't building a team aroud them and by the time they develop into more solid pro's their deals may expire and they could jump ship anyway, so why not gamble on future assets since you're in rebuilding mode?

On the Bulls, Morris or Zeller would most likely see a reduction in minutes, but would still be productive and on a team that's in the playoffs and an at least fathomable to be a title contender. Neither trade is cost prohibitive, so it shouldn't really affect the "2014 Plan" and if they leave after their rookie deals expire, so be it. At least we'd have 2-3 seasons of solid back-up bigs.

If it was me, I'd pursue Zeller. Sure it's tougher to make a trade within your own division, but he's a legit 7 footer and has one more year on his deal before becoming a Free Agent.

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