Trade Rumors: Open Thread, 1/15.

Hey gang. It is January 15th which should be the unofficial start of the trade season in the NBA (I know, we've said this before, but this time it is true). As such, I thought I would open up a thread to post rumors and speculate about possible trades. 10 BaB points towards your power ranking if you successfully guess an actual trade. There is a centralized SB Nation site on the subject so this is more for you cranks and wackos who have been banned from calling in to sports radio.

The Players:

Memphis Grizzlies: The Grizzlies want to save money. They have a mild excuse insofar as Rudy Gay is not a perfect fit with his team (although they are overstating this so that their fans don't revolt. See, it's not just us.) I have no idea where he will go but the Wizards, TWolves, Celtics, Kings and... pretty much everybody has been rumored. I do not see the Bulls getting involved as we already have the best SF in the known universe. Still, 10 BaB points if you can guess his destination.

Orlando: Apparently, people want JJ Reddick. I would link to Orlando Pin-Stripes but they seem uncivil there.

Sacramento: Tyreke is still moveable while Cousins seems to be less so since he has managed to not be ejected from any games lately. Tyreke is a Bulls/Sac trade machine favorite so throw out your insane ideas.

Brooklyn: As I mentioned elsewhere, they are getting no production from the 4, have the big-spending/win-now mentality and a moveable piece in Humphries (although his contract is really bad so this puts them in a bad spot).

TWolves: Still a piece away from serious contention and with plenty of good, young assets. Do they make a move?

Lakers: Gasol is the scapegoat for their general mediocrity and could be moved.

Washington: stinks.

Dallas: According to the guy in the tight t-shirt:

We're letting everybody know that the "Bank of Cuban" is open," Cuban said Monday night, a couple of days after declaring that there was a "100 percent chance" the Mavs would aggressively pursue trade opportunities before the Feb. 21 deadline. If it's the right deal, we don't mind taking back money. But we're not going to do a trade just to do a trade. It's got to be worthwhile.

Toronto: stinks.

This is probably not everybody but, the main storyline floating around is that Gay will be moved soonish. I do not see any serious offers out there yet so I am not sure.

The Loose Cannons:

Houston: Fat Elvis has the assets and the inclination to make big trades.

Boston: Danny Ainge has no regard for human frailty and a declining team. Is he evil enough to trade Pierce for Gay? I would do it if I were Memphis. Boston? Not so sure.


Don't Rip me away!: I do not believe Gar for a second and think that Rip will be moved for luxury tax considerations. Omri Casspi has requested a trade from the Cavaliers. The Cavs have shown interest in Rip in the past (link, anyone?). The difference in their salaries is roughly 3.7 million which, conveniently, will get the Bulls beneath the luxury tax threshold. I hate this trade but enjoy how perfect it is.

The Humpty Dance: I suggested that Brooklyn will trade Hump/Brooks for Boozer. This is in keeping with the M.O. of both front offices as the Bulls love rectifying their stupidity through trade and the Nets love spending money for playoff non-contention. That said, our front-court has been killing it lately, with Booz actually looking like a Chicago Bull, and there is a good chance that they keep the band together and let them try to win.

This contract is Brooklyn's only chance to get to the next level. I could see a Brooklyn/Utah swap centered on Al Jefferson, with the Nets including assets. Otherwise, I do not see the nets having anything that anybody wants so it is unclear how they can upgrade at this position. In all honesty, Jefferson is too much a part of what Utah does and they are too close to contention for the team to trade him at this point (much like the Bulls could not part with Omer when we were contenders). Speaking of...

Et tu, Omer? Sam Smith suggested Asik for Bosh As a Bulls fan, I would hate this because I love Omer and think that the Heat would improve. Kill it with fire!

Sactown Supersonics. The artist formerly known as King will do nothing. They have a big move to make and will not establish a long-term strategic initiative until afterwards.

Have at it gang.

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