(Updated: 09/02) The Unofficial Official 2k13 Video Game Thread

**Updated September 02 2012-Developer Video #3: Animations, All the 2k Signature Traits revealed video, Some Player Ratings

*Updated August 27 2012-Developer Interview has been added near the bottom

*Updated August 21 2012-DEVELOPER INSIGHT #2 + Nba live 13 footage +some random 2k13 gameplay vids.

*Updated August 15 2012-added a hands on review link (not my hands, someone elses)

*(Updated August 14 2012-added more control info)

So with real information about NBA 2k13 being finally being released, I decided to create this thread as a compilation of everything related to the game. . If anyone finds anything cool about the game, instead of making a new fanshot please post it here just so YFBB doesnt pull his hair out with all this video game nonsense. Please rec this thread so that it can stay alive for at least the next two months.

Developer Insight Video 1:

Developer Insight Video #2

Developer Insight Video #3

2k Signature Skills Video

Signature Skills Continued (with Jordan, Blake Griffin, D.Rose, and Durant's Skills Revealed)

(go here for a written breakdown)

Random Videos

Nba Live 13-


-Dribbling controls are handled by the right stick (which was the shooting stick before)

-It is designed as a 1:1 movement basis, For those familiar with NBA Live games, they used this type of control for their dribbling moves

-Holding the stick in a specific direction will create a launch or first step move

-You can perform a dribble or spin move and then change it on the fly or hold a certain direction to create a launch from the move

-Holding LT makes the right stick the shot stick again, releasing LT turns it back into the dribbling control

-You can turn the dribbling control off from the menu, or use a different style scheme.

-The B(circle) button has changed from fake passing (pointless!) to hop step

-Fake passing is still in the game, but it will not be given a specific button.


-The Y button is still used for post up and back down

-The pump fake animations have become more varied, so now instead of the same pump fake animation we have some where the non pivot foot is raised, when the balm is palmed (jordan like) and head fakes.

-Charges and blocking system was reworked to be more...useable, but you still wont be allowed to just throw your body in front of guys when they are in mid gather



Drose doing a move called "FUCK RONDO"


-You can now change stances

-New physics engine adds realistic concepts like collisions and momentum

-Now when you beat a guy, you beat a guy. No more magical regaining balance for humans or computers.

-You can use the new collision engine to push and guide opponents where you want, in relation with defensive stances


-The passes in previous games were purposely made slow because it was the only way they could make them have a "real" look as far as animation and physics.

-The old engine sort of forced the passes to be floated, its also why they had to get rid of the bouncew pass system

-The new system isnt facing those issues.


-Players now have special "traits" which allow them a sort of uniqueness away from the typical Ratings

-Kendrick Perkins for example has a "brick wall" trait, which allows him to set screens that can cause players to fall down.

-Derrick Rose has a special trait called "Floor General" which increases the offensive awareness of players from his team who are on the court with him.

-Players can have up to 5 traits

-The traits are now named (see videos above) and are called Signature Skills

-The best player on your team might just have one Signature Skills, while the worst player might have 5.

-The Signature Skills are designed to make players more diverse and more specific to their real life roles. Not all 65 players will be the same now.....


Gamescom's review posted on OperationSports

Interesting Tidbits-

-essentially looks and feels like a better version of 2k12

-Collisions animation and defense all reworked (as expected)

-Fast break defense is much harder

-Blocks look nicer

-Jumpshots are the same as 2k12

-Manual Bounce Pass!

-When you press the shooting button when the shot clock is near its end, instead of a regular shooting animation, you get a Hail-Mary toss

Heres another one from ESPN

Interesting TidBits-

-Apparently there are a few great kinect features

-You can run plays just by saying the plays, (can i do it in a thibs voice? ICE ICE, STAY UP STAY UP)

-If you swear or curse you can get a technical (thats awesome if its true)

Developer Interview:

(a very good read, answers a ton of questions gamers have asked)

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