Bulls free agency rumors: Gerald Green to visit Bulls, Hinrich has offer from Bucks, Nazr Mohammed discussed

Mar 10 2012; Newark, New Jersey, USA; New Jersey Nets shooting guard Gerald Green (14) dunks over Houston Rockets center Samuel Dalembert (21) during the second half at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Alan Maglaque-US PRESSWIRE

Friday night's news of the Heat adding Ray Allen added to the dismay of the Bulls inactivity thus far this offseason. I won't see it means the Bulls are a failure in free agency, just one so far.

Meanshile, Peter Vescey of the NY Post adds yet another name to the Bulls hunt for bench help, reporting that Nets free agent Gerald Green is scheduled to meet with the Bulls. Mike McGraw expounds on the possible fit.

During 31 games last season, Green scored 20 or more points seven times, including a 32-point performance against Cleveland on April 8.

Rolling up quality stats for a bad team late in the season does not necessarily make someone a rising star. But now at age 26, maybe Green has figured some things out and is ready to become a quality player.

As NetsDaily points out, Brooklyn may be resigned to let Green go, as signing him would cost one of their exceptions (they don't have Bird rights on Green) which they want to save for a bigger-name player.

Gerald Green is not a combo-guard, but instead more of a threes-dependent wing, but as Aggrey Sam points out in his latest big Bulls update that's a spot the Bulls need as well: expected departures of Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver, plus Luol Deng possibly out with surgery to start the season. I really have no clue what Green can expect on the free agent market, as he has such a unique track record going into this offseason. The idea of adding someone with actual athleticism is intriguing. If he won't take the mini-MLE, I'm not even sure a sign/trade would work for Green, due to the above mentioned issues with New Jersey signing him.

Other notes in the CSNChicago column, which includes that Gerald Green in fact did go to the Berto on Friday:

  • Kirk Hinrich has a $4m/year offer from the Scott Skiles-coached Milwaukee Bucks. No details on the length, but this should scare Bulls fans: if Kirk is going to come here for a $3m starting salary instead, that means the Bulls likely ponied up more years and guaranteed money on the back end of the deal.
  • Kyle Korver's received interest from the Nets. Maybe he can go for Gerald Green? That'd be weird wheels-spinning by the Bulls.
  • Nazr Mohammed has been 'discussed internally'. (Chicago guy!). Coincidentally, bro-site Welcome to Loud City just published their season recap for Mohammed.

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