Free Agent Targets with a Bit of a Risk

The Chicago Bulls are facing a dilemma. A conundrum, if you will, simply of what to do next. The team has, I figure from the best of my lacking mathematical abilities, already committed a cool $72 million to 9 players for next season. The luxury tax is looming and the Houston Rockets have placed the ball firmly in our court with Omer Asik’s 3 year, $25 million offer sheet. Yikes.

Of course, we could still make moves. Korver and Brewer are expendable for a small semblance of cap relief. But the fact remains that Rose is out for a long while, Deng’s wrist still is sporting a torn ligament, and Carlos "Made of Glass and Rusted Bicycle Parts" Boozer is still on the team; nine players is not enough.

Now we hear reports of the Bulls targeting old and older in Kirk Hinrich and Derek Fisher. Now, that doesn’t sound like winning to me. So what is the alternative? We are about to burst into that dreaded luxury tax, and it seems like we cannot get any quality players for the money we have available. Sure, trading Deng or Noah will help dramatically in terms of cap space, but it will not improve the team. It’s time to take some risks. Of course that will have to wait until after the jump.

Brandon Roy, SG – Let’s start with the obvious one, Brandon Roy. His knees are in worse shape than the Chicago Cubs, but he is still a hell of a shooter who can handle the ball. Roy shot near 38% from behind the arc before succumbing to injuries, but hopefully the year off and his blood platelet surgery have rejuvenated the 27 year-old. The key to Roy’s comeback is to not be overworked. The Bulls’ depth will benefit Roy in a way his other "finalists" will not. Let’s look at facts, he can shoot, he’s a big body, and he’s not using a walker – yet.

Delonte West, PG/SG – Yeah, this kid’s crazy. Yes, he’s missed a lot of games these past two years. The fact is, he’s cheap and can shoot the ball well. At 6’3’’, he’s got size at the point and can play off the ball. The personnel the Bulls have lead me to believe that Delonte can find a refuge on a team that desperately needs him. West earned $1.1 million with the Mavericks last season. At 28, he can be purchased for roughly the same amount.

Chris Douglas-Roberts, SG/SF – Did you really think you would get through a Brigade17 post without a CDR mention? CDR’s 25 years-old, 6’7’’, and has had a very bizzare career so far. In his rookie year with the Nets, CDR played like many rookies do – he shot poorly from the 3pt line, but ultimately showed signs of being a solid NBA player. In his second season, he improved. He started 38 games for the Nets and doubled nearly all of his stats in the added minutes. However, that 3pt percentage remained low and the teams’ unrest with him landed him on the bench. His stint in Milwaukee was much the same. He went and played for Virtus Bologna in Italy during the NBA lockout and committed to his contract, staying there for the entire season. He’s shown flashes of brilliance, but has struggled with consistency. In 2011, CDR scored 30 points both against us and the Heat. He put up 24 against his old team in the Nets, but these numbers were never consistent. He has found some semblance of consistency in Italy – I expect it to transfer over into the NBA. When he’s involved in an offense, he’s spectacular. Thibs can bring out the best in CDR. Best part? No one is talking about him. He is not the "first option" for anyone. He’s going to be cheaply bought and more importantly hungry to reestablish himself in the NBA.

Daniel Orton, C – Let’s face it; Asik’s gone. Picking up his contract is just too much. Well played, Houston, now let’s move on. Daniel Orton is big – 6’11’’ and 255lbs. The 21 year old has had his own injury problems, tearing his ACL in his senior season of high school. He was a first round pick in 2010, but suffered another season ending knee injury before breaking into the rotation in Orlando. In his essentially rookie season last year, Orton averaged 2.8ppg and 2.4rbg on 56% shooting. On April 15, Orton had a career best 11pts while also getting 5 steals, 4 rebounds, and 3 blocks. With his knee problems seemingly (and hopefully) behind him, Orton is free to move forward and make a name for himself. And what better way to do that than to join a playoff team? Thibs will have a bit of a project on his hands, but here are the facts; he’s young, he’s big, and he has a bit of an offensive low post game to work with. Again, no buzz.

Am I delusional? Too optimistic in projecting these guys? Let me know, but who else can we afford? Hinrich? Ugh…

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