Reggie Rose on Derrick's rehab: "He's way ahead of schedule"

Derricks brother, Dr Reggie Rose has already stated that there's no way Derrick misses all of next season.

Well he's back to tell us that Derrick is now without a walking boot and way ahead of schedule.


Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose is walking without a boot and is ahead of his rehab schedule, his brother and manager Reggie Rose said on Thursday.

Rose tore his left ACL in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against the Philadelphia 76ers on April 28. He had surgery on May 12.

Rose has been rehabbing in Los Angeles for about two weeks, Reggie said.

"He's walking without a boot," Reggie said. "He's way ahead of schedule.

"It's just keeping him focused, and we're not trying to rush him. Basically, just rehab, rehab, rehab. We haven't put nothing basketball in his face."

Dr. Brian Cole, who performed the surgery on Rose, also said in June that Rose was ahead of schedule.

Reggie said Rose being in Los Angeles allows him to relax and not worry about all the attention he receives in his hometown of Chicago.

"It's just a peace of mind," Reggie said. "He can't do too much in Chicago. The other day I talked to him, he was at Target just picking up stuff. Stuff like that, you can't do in Chicago."

Rose has yet to speak publicly since his injury, but Reggie said he would in due time. It just wasn't their focus right now.

"Eventually, he will," Reggie said. "Just for now, he's getting his mind right and is out in in California."

Also related, John Calipari joined the "Carmen, Jurko and Harry" show to discuss Derrick Rose's road back to the court.

"I think that you're going to see a player, you'll be amazed when he comes back," Kentucky coach John Calipari told ESPN 1000's "Carmen, Jurko & Harry" show on Wednesday. "(Rose's) skill set will be even better. I think his shooting will be even better because he only knows one thing.

"He almost has a fear, an anxiety about not being good enough. He's tougher on himself than anyone around him. I used to tell him 'you're too hard on yourself, man. You're going to get to the NBA, there's too many games. You can't on yourself like this. You gotta let it go. You gotta go on to the next game.'"

Calipari coached Rose in college at Memphis in 2007-08 and has remained a confidant. He found Rose's response to the injury encouraging.

"I spoke to him, it was about a month ago -- may have been a little longer than that," Calipari said. "We spoke for about 30 minutes, this was after the injury and I just wanted to make sure that he was, mentally, in a great frame of mind. As we spoke, I really didn't have to do anything to get him in the right frame of mind. He was in the right frame of mind.

"He looked at the whole thing in a bigger picture and basically said, 'You know this may have been a message to me to slow down and to really look at what's going on around me and to step back.' He said 'I think God was telling me things are coming at you too fast.' And he said 'coach I'm gonna come back (and) wait until you see my body when I come back.' And he said 'I'm going to be better than I was before I got hurt.' And if you know him, you understand when he gets on a mission that way, he's going."

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