A rant on destroying depth (converted FanPost)

[This was OT in a Courtney Lee thread, and I'm feeling meddlesome -yfbb]

I am just wondering who the Bulls are going to trounce out onto the court this year.

Last Year’s Rotation:

PG : Rose/Watson/Lucas III
SG : Rip/Brewer/Korver
SF: Deng/Korver/Butler
PF: Booz/ Taj
C : Noah/Asik

This year Rose is out, Watson is gone,Lucas III is gone, Brewer is gone, Korver is gone, and Asik is gone..

Our Lineup as it stands now:

PG: Kirk/Teague
SG: Rip
SF: Deng/Butler
PF: Boozer/Taj
C: Noah

The starters are enough to field a playoff team, but THERE IS NO DEPTH..and please do not tell me the Bulls are going to fill those spots with the John Lucas’ of the NBA world!!

The Bulls need to sign at least one SG, then they have to sign most likely another SF/SG…Then they definitely need another couple of C/PF’s…

The Bulls knew they did not have the money to re-sign the Bench Mob, and now we are most likely looking at spare parts being used to fill out the roster.

My Question: Keeping in mind my last statement, and knowing how deep the draft really was with guys like Sully and Perry Jones III going in the latter part of the 1st Round, WHY DID THE BULLS NOT go after these two guys? You know that you are going to need more bigs in the mix, and you know you can’t afford much and will not get much in terms of what is available.. .. ..So why NOT actually use this draft to find your depth?

The Bulls have made error after countless error this off-season, and personally it is driving me CRAZY that all of the other teams are truly making an effort to get better and the bulls are doing SQUAT…basically the front office is just pissing/crapping away on all their loyal fans…They take for granted the fact that they know no matter what they do, the Chicagoans will show up.

So I say again…and sorry for the rant guys…I’ll bring the Kool-Aid, and anyone feel free to drink with me..

BTW we won’t get Lee, sorry to be a debbie downer, but really it would make too much sense for our beloved Bulls..therefore, it won’t be done

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