Trade ideas to get #10 Pick from the Hornets

KC Johnson wrote about the Bulls interviewing Harrison Barnes. Barnes is a lottery pick so this would obviously require a trade, and the fact that the Bulls are talking to Barnes means that they are at least entertaining the idea of trading up to get him, so what would it take?

Barnes may be gone before #10, but there has been talk that the Hornets are open to trading the pick if someone takes either Emeka Okafor or Trevor Ariza off their hands. Obviously they are going to have a tough time shipping off Okafor, but if someone takes Ariza they can Amnesty Okafor and have a ton of cap space this summer. As most people know Brewer, Watson and Korver all have non-guaranteed contracts (I'm going to refer to them as the Walking Dead Trio because I love that show and it sums up their situation) that puts the Bulls in a great position to deal with New Orleans. The Bulls haven't had the best history of taking on more money, but there are several possibilities for the Bulls to pull this off and not go far into the luxury tax. We'll start with the simplest trade to the most complex.

Bulls Current Cap Number with Cap Holds: 83 million (courtesy of Sham Sports)

Trade #1: Bulls get Ariza and #10 pick. Hornets get CJ Watson, Kyle Korver and Bulls first rounder.

This trade assumes that the Bulls will waive Ronnie Brewer. It also means that they won't have to pay Korver $500,000 to buy out his contract. Ariza would be a good stopgap for Deng, but he does cut into 2013-2014 payroll. Also, considering the Bulls were going to cut Brewer, Watson and Korver anyways this trade technically adds 8 million to their payroll, but if you look at it glass half full you get something for the Walking Dead Trio and shave 5 million off the payroll. But this means Mike James and John Lucas III are our point guards for next year.

Bulls new 2012-2013 Cap Number with Cap Holds: 78 million

Trade #2: Bulls get Ariza, Jarrett Jack, and #10 pick. Hornets get Walking Dead Trio plus Bulls first rounder.

This trade just adds Jack to the mix and lets the Hornets give Brewer his walking papers. The Hornets haven't said Jack is available, but it clears 12 million from their payroll and there are a few better options at PG than Jack this year. The obvious being Deron Williams, but even Goran Dragic would be a slight upgrade and wouldn't cost the team much more. This trade probably has zero chance of happening because it would require the Bulls to not be cheap. However, Jack and Ariza are great first half stop gaps for Rose and Deng to keep this team competitive, and then when those two come back we would be incredibly deep.

Bulls new 2012-2013 Cap Number with Cap Holds: 83 million

Trade #3: Bulls get Ariza, Jack, #10. Hornets get Walking Dead Trio, Bulls First, Martell Webster. T-Wolves get Rip Hamilton

This would make getting Jack more palatable and Martell Webster's contract is only partially guaranteed for next year. The T-Wolves are looking for an upgrade at shooting guard hoping to make the playoffs. With no real cap space Hamilton could be their best option. We can sell them on his vet savviness and playoff tested resume. Hey it worked on us! We could do the Webster trade with Minnesota without including New Orleans but then Jerry would be on the hook to pay Martell $600,000 to buyout his contract.

Bulls new 2012-2013 Cap Number with Cap Holds: 78 million

Trade #4: Bulls get Jack, Francisco Garcia, #5 Pick. T-Wolves get Rip Hamilton. Sacramento Kings get Ariza and #10 pick. Hornets get Walking Dead Trio, Bulls first, Webster.

This is a way the Bulls can get Harrison Barnes. The Kings have moved down in the draft before and they really need a small forward with a pulse. Ariza is a huge upgrade over Garcia and for the Bulls, Garcia has only next year guaranteed and at a smaller number than Ariza.

Bulls new 2012-2013 Cap Number with Cap Holds: 78 million

Trade #5: Way too complicated to work but it's fun to think about...

Bulls get: Jack, Garcia, John Salmons, Chuck Hayes the #5 pick AND the #10 pick

Kings get: Ariza, Boozer and a Bulls future first rounder or Bobcats 2016 pick.

Twolves get: Rip Hamilton

Hornets get: Walking Dead Trio, Webster and Bulls first rounder(s).

I'd be willing to part with the Bobcats 2016 pick to make this work. With two lottery picks in a stacked draft the Bulls could seriously reload. A dream scenario of drafting Harrison Barnes and Dion Waters would be amazing. Bulls could even take a chance at Andre Drummond. As stated before, Garcia comes off the books after next season and Salmons contract is only guaranteed for two of his three seasons and his salary number declines whereas Boozer's increases.

The Kings would realistically do this trade because they aren't a major free agent destination but have a ton of cap space and despite how most Bulls fans feel, Boozer is a really good player. He is just grossly overpaid. He would be a good compliment to Cousins and both Boozer and Ariza are good and willing passers which is what the Kings need with blackholes such as Marcus Thornton and Tyreke Evans on their team. The ESPN trade machine has them at +7 wins because of this trade.

It would free up Taj to start at power forward and Hayes can be the backup PF till Mirotic is ready to come over. Hayes is a great defender, good passer but limited offensively. Sounds like a Bench Mobber to me.

Bulls could do this trade with just taking back any 2 of the 3 King players. So depending on their negotiating tactics they could take Hayes and Garcia and not take Salmons though I would think the Kings would insist on Salmons being a part of the deal.

Bulls new 2012-2013 Cap Number with Cap Holds: 79 million (could be as low as 71 million if they don't take on Salmons contract)

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