Bulls/Lakers/Rockets trade idea

Time to shake up the roster!

I know some of us wanted to see more activity by ownership to add talent to the roster, but this give the Bulls the perfect opportunity to make some trades. Hopefully, through trades, the team can address some outstanding questions and make a good run at a championship. Here are the trades that I'm proposing.

First, it is no secret that the Lakers want to get rid of Gasol. They have their center for the future in Bynum. And there has been discussion about Boozer being the caliber of offensive post player to carry the Bulls. So, let's trade. But to get the trade to work an additional piece needs to be added. Korver.

Lakers/Bulls Trade

This trade allows the Lakers to get rid of Gasol (i.e.-Kobe's hate machine), get a decent PF to match with Bynum, get a legitimate 3 pt shooter (Kobe's their best volume 3 pt shooter at 37%), and lower their cap in two years when it matters most (higher cap penalties in 2013).

The Bulls get an upgrade offensively in the post (especially at center), and lose Boozers fourth year of his contract (@ 16.8 mil -yeesh!).

I know it doesn't look like much for the Bulls, but I'm not done. No way baby!

Next up, the Rockets. They have seven PF on their roster and they want Omer. Are the Bulls going to let Omer go? O no way (very bad, I know). The Rockets need an upgrade at center and have struck out lately getting what they want, but the Bulls have someone they might want. Noah.

As much as I would hate to lose him, we conceivably would have Gasol now. And with three good centers. One has to go, so it be Noah. But what would the Bulls get in return and what do the Rocket want to clear from their roster? PFs. Scola is the only one with the salary to work with, but they still have six that might pan out, right? So here is that trade through the trade machine.

Rockets/Bulls trade

Scola drops some salary from the Bulls roster which Bulls management wants badly. Because doing so allows for the resigning of Taj and Omer without going over the cap. Houston is well under the cap, so they don't have these concerns. But at the start of all these trades, didn't we lose our three point shooter? Well yes, but that is were the draft comes into play.

A number of solid players went un-drafted. Hollis Thompson in particular is an excellent 3pt shooter (legit NBA range), so the Bulls should pursue signing him as a free agent. They can offer him a solid role on a winning team in a great city. Plus, he would be getting the ball from either Rose or Teague. Nice, so very nice!

So, GarPax, what are you waiting for? Get busy!

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